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10 Tips For Getting A Creative Packaging Design

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The creative packaging design is the final intermediary between the company and the consumer. From the point of view of advertising and marketing is the last link in the communication chain and the input closest to the purchase decision.

Currently, the weight of the container is very important, in fact, according to some studies is the most important factor in the purchase decision. The consumer spends less than 10 seconds before a linear and if they do not see us we do not exist.

Here are some tips and examples to get the attention of the public to get attracted by creative packaging design:

1. Integrate new technologies:

New technologies are a source of great possibilities. One of the benefits offered is that the consumer has the possibility to interact with the packaging, creating an experience with this and an indelible memory. The use of Bidi codes is a good opportunity for users to expand their information or participate in promotions by scanning them with their Smartphone.

2.  Create facing:

As I said before, if they do not see us, we do not exist. Therefore it is very important to create facing, to see the face of the container in the linear. A bad example of packaging design would be the typical Spanish plastic spaghetti container that does not stand upright. It should be placed lying down and does not create facing. All brands of the distributor and even the Gallo brand does so, only Barilla’s is saved.

creative retail packaging


 3.  Involves the receiver:

It would be convenient that the containers were closer, that they use the tuteo and imperative sentences to get closer to the consumer. The packaging is very dehumanized, it should be designed with the same linguistic strategy with which an advertising graphic is created for the press. A good example would be this line of cleaning products of the Bee brand, in which the packaging itself is aimed at the consumer one on one. In this way, he achieves confidence and closeness with the consumer.


4.  Use rhetorical figures:

It can be very effective to use rhetorical figures in your retail packaging design to get the attention of the consumer. The rhetoric allows synthesizing the message and thanks to the cognitive interferences that suppose the use of these figures the memory is obtained. A good example of this is the mold bread container of the Vilpuri brand. In which a personification appears as a rhetorical figure. The package acquires human qualities and appears with a huge mouth devouring the product. By means of this resource it is possible to attract the attention of the receiver and in addition, it is possible to transmit the benefit of the product “is to eat it!”.

creative packaging design

5.  It adds value to your packaging:

A differentiation note, a dosing system, a useful closing system … It seeks and creates an added value that can be the key to the purchase. I leave this original design of a container of pasta that allows you to measure what quantity is necessary for a person.

6.  Consider the double use of your packaging:

Another way to get the consumer inclined by the purchase of a product could be through the dual use of packaging. For example, a Tetra Brick could include games (crosswords, sudoku …) to add value to the product.

7.  If the product is beautiful, let’s see:

in Mercadona they have called it the Brad Pitt method, let’s see how beautiful our product is! In addition, the consumer will always be calmer watching the product you are buying. Whenever it is visually attractive products we can put a window through which you can see the content. But if we want to go one step further, we can give the product a leading role and carry out a packaging dematerialization strategy like Ikea does in this pasta example.

creative packaging design pasta

8.  Study the meaning of colors:

Each color generates sensations in the people who observe it and also each category of product has colors that identify it. For example, the most conventional colors for dairy products are blue and white. It is convenient to study these meanings and take them into account. In addition, colors can also help us to position our product, for example, the use of black, silver or gold is associated with gourmet products.

9. Weight the product:

Another resource that may not be exploited enough is to weigh the product. It could be successful to reinforce this aspect by using quantifiers (everything, 100%, figures …), comparative adjectives of superiority (more natural, cheaper …), superlative adjectives (very tasty, inexpensive …) etc

10.   Take care of the graphic details:

It can be decisive to take care of all the visual elements that appear in the packaging since they can be one more resource to get the attention of the consumer. As Hacendado does for example with the barcode of his milk containers.



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