Cleanliness, Clarity, and Professionalism: The Keys to a Successful Business Site

Every business wants to have a great website. Some websites will be more successful than others, but if you want to set off on the right path, there are a few fundamentals that you should follow, all of which will help you to get the most from your website.

Use Correct Spelling & Grammar

People expect professionalism when dealing with a business website. This is not a personal blog, and you should take as much care over everything you publish to your website as you do with your business letters and marketing materials. Odd mistakes will always crop up, but if your site is littered with spelling mistakes, bad grammar and poor punctuation, you will give the wrong impression to visitors.

Create a Professional Tone

Always keep the tone professional. If you would not use slang in marketing materials for your business, don’t use it on your website. Make sure everything you publish, including on social media sites, is in line with your professional image. You will normally want to avoid being too personal, and avoid rants as well, because these can create an unprofessional image and could affect your reputation.

Make It Easy To Navigate

No matter how good it looks, if users land on your website and cannot find out how to get to the page they are looking for, you’ve lost them. You need to make it as easy as possible to find all the information on your page, whether that is a new product, a recent blog post, contact information or anything else.

A good web designer can come in very handy here. They can improve the design of your website by creating a clear and simple menu that will allow visitors to move around your site with ease. The longer they stay, the more chance you have of interacting with them and generating a conversion.

Review Your Internal Links

Another thing that visitors will expect is links between your web pages. For example, if they read a blog about a new product, they may want to then go straight to the page where they can buy it. So go through your blogs and other content pages and add links that make your site easier to navigate. As well as making your site more user friendly, it can also help with your SEO.

Publish Reviews

Try to get some customer reviews added to your website where they are easy to see, as well as on third-party websites. You will get some negative reviews, but these will show that you are honest and open, and the positive reviews can be a very effective way of increasing conversions.

Building up online reviews is not always straightforward. Online marketing companies like Yodle are dedicated to helping businesses with their online reviews and marketing, so you may well need to get some outside help to maximize your efforts.

Improve Your Business Site

These practices are all easy to do, and they can help to create a much more professional image for your business website. Spend time focusing on these areas, and make sure that whatever you publish is clear, coherent and has a professional tone.

Julie Bonds is an experienced web designer with a particular eye for marketing strategies. When not programming sites and sketching ideas, she enjoys blogging about the basics of websites useful for today’s businesses.

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