Beginners Blogging Commandments: 10 Rules of Blogging Every Newbie MUST Know!

As a beginner blogger, one of the most important things you want to take care of is your reputation. You want to portray yourself as an expert on your chosen topic. Fortunately, there are many ways this can be achieved.

First, you need to be authentic, truthful, and factual in your blogging. Building an audience through deceit and lies is possible, but it won’t create a profitable business. By choosing to put out well-researched, data backed articles, you can attract a loyal following, build a blogging business around it, and succeed on your first try.

This takes us to the next important aspect of blogging, which is building up social proof. One of the most effective methods of establishing a strong following is to build up social proof, as well as lots of recommendations from people you have worked with. But, before you can achieve both, you need to provide something of value in return. You don’t have to create a new product, but having a good amount of helpful resources on your blog, or executing a powerful content marketing is a great start. Instead of just pushing out blog post after blog post, you can incorporate infographics, eye-catching visuals, interviews, case studies that your audience will love.

Another very important factor to succeed as a blogger is to treat blogging as a business. If you are looking to make a full-time income from your blog, then it needs to be more than just a hobby. You need to plan, organize, strategize your way to success. For more strategies on starting a blog and how to master the art of blogging, check out:

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