10 Most Important Cyber Security Trends Helps in Upcoming Year

Information Security Industry is one industry which never sleeps. It is always keeping in check about trends in cybersecurity and how to tackle or use them to create a better cyber world. Those who expect a bright and optimistic year, they need to keep in mind the emerging trends in the cybersecurity.  Most recently, the Marriot Hotel Group experienced a breach of security. Even Quora was a part of this cyber-attack. Thus it is clear that also though new things are coming ahead, cybersecurity is still an issue for every business. Thus to keep knowing about what happens in this information technology world, we have enlisted something for you.

These are the top 10 information security trends 2019- that can also are known as the emerging cybersecurity trends 2020.

  • IoT will be vulnerable

IoT will still be on the radar of cybersecurity trends. It will bring a lot of comforts, but along with that, it is always going to be vulnerable. A lot of security is required, and thus, you need to be extra careful with IoT devices. They can be a security threat to the companies and the consumers too. Though it is improving every year, cybersecurity experts feel that the cybercriminals can break into it and a security disaster might happen. Thus even though this is a trend in information security, it is always better to employ cyber housekeeping.

  • Phishing

Phishing is on the rise with cybersecurity criminals now proceeding with regular phishing emails. People are going to have to be extra careful because phishing the accounts and credit cards is an increasing cybersecurity trend. The attackers are going to make Phishing as genuine as possible, but extra care should be taken to make this stop.

  • Cyber risk insurance will become common

This means that protection for cloud, IoT devices, etc. will become common. Everyone working in the cybersecurity industry will assert themselves to be having cyber rink insurance. Thus, the insurance companies should come up with tailor-made cybersecurity to the existing clients

  • Multifactor authentication is going to rise in popularity

As we all know the number of data leaks and security breaches, multifactor authentication is one of the top trends in cybersecurity. If the mobile companies and other security firms join hands, the multi-factor authentication can be the healthy way of security. Since the sim swap fraud and porting fraud is quite common these days, online businesses and the mobile network operators are now collaborating so that the data can be used to integrate the multifactor authentication.

  • We might have AI Cyberattacks

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. It is now foraying into people’s daily lives. Since it is still in its nascent stage, people can exploit the shortcomings of AI. It can be possible that very soon, we can face an AI-augmented cyber-attack. According to the 2019 malware trends, cybercriminals are creating AI-backed malware that can affect a system but still is undetected. It can be used to gather all kinds of information about the users of the enterprise’s product and also the behavioral patterns. This AI-powered malware can quickly learn to defend itself from the anti-malware software and destroy the company from the inside.

  • Cloud can be the new soft spot for cybersecurity criminals

This is the latest trend in networking technology and information security where the cloud is going to be a target for cybercriminals. More data is now being pushed into the darkness by the businesses. Once you get access to the cloud, you can view the firm’s confidential information here. If you leave your cloud unprotected, then your company is going to be a considerable risk. Anything can happen like mismanaged data and leakage of customers’ data. So, the emerging trend in cybersecurity can be the cloud hygiene that is going to grow over the years.

  • Software vulnerabilities might be exploited

A lot of software vulnerabilities might be exploited, and it can be a piece of cybersecurity news again. Social media platforms like Google Plus and Facebook make the situation much vulnerable to bugs affecting their performance. The attackers go in search of these bugs and exploit the shortcomings. Sometimes, even software companies may not find bugs. Thus be wary of the emerging trend in cybersecurity.

  • Breaches will get more complicated and harder to beat

So the cybercriminals can become smarter with the attacker, knowing the white hat techniques well. They are going to make their attacks more malicious and smarter. They are turning the victims as attackers in a particular scheme where the victim passes a link to the malware and if two more installs this file, the original victim who passes on the file is going to have all their encrypted files decrypted.

  • IoT under threat

If you think residential or domestic IoT is in trouble, wait till you hear this: a lot of organized cybercriminal gangs find the Industrial IoT a weak spot. It is still going to be a vulnerable place to start their wreckage with. Other than this, the attacker is always thinking of getting access to huge amounts of data that might be a multi-customer environment. They can target human-machine interfaces or the crucial control systems in the industry or the factory.

  • Security skills are going to be in much demand

With the growing security breaches and unsafe data on the web, this is another exciting information security news. There is going to be a rise in the demand for information and network security professionals. There IT and security professionals are going to be demand no matter what, and as workplaces can be a strong center for getting hacked, the right team of IT guys can save the day.


Thus, these are some of the emerging cybersecurity threats. Though there is a lot of care taken for the software systems in use, and there is enough awareness, we should not take our chances. Thus we have tried to discuss the major trends in cybersecurity 2020 here.

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