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Designing is itself an art that reshapes the entity and takes it from zero to a mega structure. Whether we talk about the interior and exterior of a residence or the navigation of an eCommerce website, the design has a role more than magnanimous.

Web designing is a vast field, as it has spread across the businesses, industries, and genres. Let alone the eCommerce, a designer is expected a lot that may be out of the context of their job description, just like the way a bookkeeper is often asked income tax registrations and filing rules.

E-commerce designing is high in demand, as they have to look forward to different dynamics where they can facilitate the webmasters. Regardless of the industry you are working or affiliated with, eCommerce websites have almost equal challenges for a designer.

For this reason, an individual must be multi-talented and resourceful in completing any task related to design. In this post, I am sharing some of the skills and things a designer is required to learn for improving his or her performance in 2019,

1. Sharpen your Web Development Skills

The eCommerce web design is not confined to the front-end, because the role of a designer may require the development of complex features that cannot be performed without coding.

Web designing is connected to multiple disciplines of building a website. It may start with drafting its structure and going beyond assisting the developers at each stage and may lead to understanding the SEO and content marketing demands too.

To become a thorough professional this year, you may need to acquire expertise in web development as well. Get to know about the prominent eCommerce technologies like Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and lots more.

Among the tailor-made applications, the most demanding one is Magento 2 Development as the latest edition is equipped with most of the features an online merchant may need. These platforms may surely want you to acquire expertise in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more.

2. Learn how you can benefit from AI

Image Source: https://www.houseofbots.com/news-detail/2764-1-artificial-intelligence-real-world-applications

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in technology as few companies had vouched to excel and experiment with this fascinating technology. The technology has eased a lot of people in their respective fields. The eCommerce and web designing is not different in getting the most out of it.

Being a designer, every individual is required to test his or her knowledge about artificial intelligence and look into ways as for how it can be incorporated in online stores to create ease for the staff as well as the end users.

Among various features, chat-bots are worth mentioning here as it can remove the hassle of recruiting staff around the clock for answering common user queries. The online stores are always on the look of reducing their workload with different techniques and technologies.

According to research published on Business Insider, in the five years, the chat-bots will become a must-have tool among consumer applications, whereas, by 2020, no human assistance will be needed in about 85% of consumer interactions. So you can always step ahead to try on chat-bots and other opportunities that can be improved with AI. Some of the considerations may include;

  • Consumer-friendly search experience
  • Re-targeting customers with personalized pop-ups
  • Track sales process to make it smooth further
  • Customizing online store for multiple devices
  • Configure human-like chat-bots
  • Have virtual assistants

3. Hands on knowledge of Fin-Tech

The Fin-tech industry is flourishing by leaps and bound with the increasing number of online stores. The eCommerce websites that aims to reach out to thousands of their potential customers across the seas are looking into startups and companies that have the most innovative business solutions for collecting payments on secure gateways.

A designer may need to know how these companies work, what the common problems they may face are, and how these can be tackled without losing on conversions. Have your research on the different payment service providers and evaluate their currency exchange rates, their charges, security risks involved, data privacy and protection policies, and configurations, etc.

4. Visual and UX Design

A designer must excel within his or her existing role by taking onto the visual and UX designing skills. The visuals of any eCommerce website are linked with the user experience to a great extent. Every online store aims to have an impressive web presence that compels the users in reading a web page to the end.

In order to hone up your visual designing skills, the tools to master are web fonts, color palettes, typography, grid systems, type hierarchy, and psychology of colors.

The user experience design on the hand is what makes you think more about the ease and comfort of the target users. It may demand the designers to refine and optimize the existing design by eye-appealing colors, navigational aid, visual and textual content, calls to action, etc. you may need to go out of the way in understanding different ways of fine tuning the design.

5. Learn Designing for Print

An eCommerce entity is a combination of the digital world and the conventional business models. The online stores are either a digitization of the existing businesses or an advancement of a service.

At the end of the day, it has a physical representation to target a user base, which may require designing for offline marketing such as leaflets, pamphlets, brochure, promotional booklets, banners, visiting cards, etc.

Print designing is not obsolete despite the massive penetration of digital devices, cell phone, mobile gadgets, etc. The businesses still need to approach potential buyers and clients in person. So, be sure you know the basics of print.

6. Be Proactive and a Creative Designer

Image Source: https://www.management-issues.com/connected/6694/productive-or-creative/

Being creative may be natural, but it is the training, brainstorming, and inspirations that take your imaginative powers to the next level. Not anyone, who is a creative by birth, may exceed in this art or trait until he or she starts practicing it for exploring something new and distinct.

Graphic and eCommerce designing is a distinct art. Be different in coming up and producing ideas that have not been applied before. Be the first to coin ideas for an upcoming project of your boss or client, and lead the way with your creativity. Are you worried about a decline in your creativity? Do the following;

  • Collaborate with gurus in your niche
  • Do something for the sake of art
  • Take a day off and do nothing the entire day
  • Exercise or go for a walk
  • Play chess or a musical instrument
  • Do something you always admire

7. Learn to Solve Problems Effectually

E-commerce designers may get a task they have not tackled before. This is when they need to brainstorm ideas and solutions effectively and efficiently. For example, a designer may be asked to simplify the checkout experience by merging the multiple checkout pages into one. If you are passionate to excel further in eCommerce designing, add problem solving among the must-have skills you need to develop this year.

8. Notch up your Communication skills

Understanding what the owner of an eCommerce website want and how you perceive it, all depends on your communication skills. Be alert to listen carefully about what they talk about and do not hesitate to ask for examples and real-life scenarios when they talking about something you do not get. Notching up your communication skills become mandatory when you have to work with speakers of different languages.

9. Managing time the best way possible

Working with online stores may want frequent changes and modifications to their virtual assets to get ready for a season, occasion, or summer gala. For such modifications, they may have strict deadlines, which have to be met strictly well. You have to lean become a thorough timekeeper so that all the deliverable should be sent without a delay.

Summing up the entire topic, we can conclude that the continuous changing ecosystem of web design may create fiery ordeals. To excel in a career, a designer must acquire web development of a medium-skilled resource; know about artificial intelligence and fin-tech, designing for print, visuals, and improved UX, and soft skills.

Zeeshan Khalid is a web entrepreneur and an eCommerce specialist. He is the CEO & Founder of FME extensions, a leading web design & development agency. Over the years FME has served thousands of clients with top Magento extensions and custom development services.

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