Why You Should Keep Optimizing Your Website for the Search Engines

Advertise HereThere are many ways of driving traffic to your online business websites. These include pay per click marketing, classified ad marketing, forum marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO among others.

Out of these SEO has proven to be arguably one of the best if not the best online marketing methods to be used. It has been for a long time been an unobtrusive way of marketing where only people interested/already looking for your services or products see them.

However the recent few years have seen some people try to spam their way to the first page of SERPs. This has made search engines to crack the whip leading to the banning of many websites. As a result some people have or are considering abandoning SEO as a whole as a method of online marketing.

Well, I am here to tell you to hold on. Don’t abandon SEO yet. Here’s why:

1. SEO helps you to grow your business

Keep Optimizing Your Website for the Search Engines

Keep Optimizing Your Website for the Search Engines

SEO is one of the ingredients you need for a successful online marketing mix. It will help you drive targeted traffic to your websites.

Most of these people are already interested in buying what you have to offer, so selling to them is easier.

With SEO and tools like Paradox SEO you can serve people in locations you may not be able to set up a brick and mortar store.

In addition, SEO puts the international market right in front of you. You can sell to people on the other part of the world right from your computer.

2. SEO gives you access to vital customer data

SEO goes together with data from analytics software. From the very start you should measure and track all the visitors landing on your website from the search engines.

Most analytics tools will show you the number of visitors your website is receiving in a given period of time, where they are coming from, what they using while searching for your products and services among other things.

With this information you get to understand your customers better-by looking at the terms they use to arrive on your website you can see potential untapped markets that your competitors may not even know they exist.

3. Continued growth in the mobile devices market

Mobile phones and especially smart phones and other hand held devices continue to see increase in adoption and usage. Many people like the ability to access the Internet on the go-wherever they are.

In countries like Singapore over 80% of the population own smart phones and many of them (not only in Singapore now but in other parts of the world as well) never keep the phone more than 3 feet away from them!

What this means is that your product or service is just a search away from potential customers.


If you had decided to abandon SEO I believe you now have the nudge you needed to keep at it.  Just ensure that you do it the right way.

Get an experienced, ethical and professional SEO expert to guide you through the process. Also invest in white hat SEO tools like this one found on https://www.paradoxseo.com/ to help you get better results even faster.

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