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Cyfe-All in one dashboard

8 Must Have Social Media Marketing Tools to Achieve Your Goals in 2016

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Social media is the future of modern marketing and there is no doubt about it. With WhatsApp recently clocking 1 billion users and Facebook already at 1.39 billion mobile active users (MAU) it is obvious every visionary business entrepreneur should be leveraging these social platforms. If you have tried managing your social media accounts though, you will concur this is a daunting task.

Tweeting and updating your Facebook account while still running your business can cause you untold strain.  Ultimately there is need to streamline your online presence while at the same time focusing on the core business. Luckily there are myriad apps and other resources that can help you run your social media marketing seamlessly in 2016. Here are a few ideas:

1. CyfeCyfe-All in one dashboard

If you want to know what is working and what is not you need to leverage analytical data. By adding this analytical tool to your social media management box you are able to get detailed reports on Google analytics, SEO, AdWords, and even brand mentions. Your business is able to capitalize on the comprehensive Cyfe dashboard enables you to track brand mentions, Facebook demographics, social media likes, competition searches and your KPIs in real-time. Cyfe features pre-built widgets and you can also add your own customized widgets.

2. BuzzSumo Chrome ExtensionBuzzSumo Chrome Extension

Now that Twitter has retired its share count figure and APIs to retrieve the same it becomes harder to know how many times your content is being shared on this social media platform. This is where BuzzSumo Chrome Extension comes in handy. It is optimized to show you the share data such as the number of Twitter sharers among other details. Such data helps you to strategize as you understand how popular certain content is. The app is free but you must have a paid BuzzSumo account.

3. BabblyBabbly

If your content is not going viral then you have a long way to go. Babbly is a Godsend when it comes to social media marketing as it boosts your content to reach the much craved vial status. It amplifies your audience by enabling you to share content within its expansive community of influencers and users. You just need to enter the URL you need to promote and voila! The platform does the rest for you. The rich Babbly’s network is an integral tool in any social media campaign for businesses today.

4. Scannable by EvernoteScannable by Evernote

This is billed as the fastest mobile scanner app and it refines how you relate with your documents. The app allows you to scan reports, business cards and files which are then instantly cropped and enhanced in terms of quality. Your business cards can become business relationships when shared on platforms such as LinkedIn. Scannable also helps you to improve workflow by instantly sending your documents to their destination without leaving the app.

5. QuuuQuuu

Quuu is simply content curation in autopilot. It helps you simplify one of the most time-consuming business operations. You just have to select relevant content categories and audience and you will receive hand curated content on your Buffer account. You can manually edit the content through your account. Quuu is easy to set up and use.

6. SumoRankSumoRank

If you want to leverage your Facebook content you don’t have to do it manually. SumoRank   is your app and it helps analyze and rank your content based on popularity. You will be able to get an idea of the most popular type of content whether video, images or texts. It also shows monthly engagement per post and even goes further to show you engagement rates based on character numbers. This way you can tell whether to use short or longer posts on your Facebook account.

7. Social RankSocial Rank

Managing your Twitter and Instagram followers is not an easy affair. You need to know the most valuable followers in order to leverage their input.  Social Rank is an apt tool for your business as it helps analyze, organize and manage your followers on these social media platforms. You can manage your followers based on the most engaging in terms of frequency of tweets, best followers most high profile among other categories.  Indeed, you can also add files to customize your lists to suit your unique business needs.

8. TrelloTrello

Flexibility is the keyword when it comes to Trello. This project management system is easy to use and allows you to create tasks and assign them a deadline. Trello lets you view everything about your project in one glance and isn’t this a beauty for the ever busy project manager. You can also tag people connected with your project and on the other hand they can leave comments, drag in images of the project and much more.

If you are looking for groundbreaking social media tools, it is time to contact social media marketing services. These professionals have the resources to jumpstart your marketing campaign.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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