6 Helpful Questions for Creating a Company Logo You will Love

When creating a powerful brand, it’s helpful to know just what you want out of it and what your logo will do (and won’t do) for you. Most companies try to make their logo mean something, or design it in a cute way so as to make it relevant to their name – perhaps a play on words or a graphical representation of their business.


These logos tend to be weak, while the stronger logos are ones that are either fanciful or arbitrary. Logo creation follows naming convention. Good brand names are largely arbitrary, and for good reason: you’re creating something entirely new. You don’t want it to be like anything else.


Here are a few questions to get you on the right track.


How Would You Describe Your Company’s Products and Services?


Designing a memorable Logo

Designing a memorable Logo

What are your company’s products and services? While you shouldn’t necessarily try to create a graphical representation of your brand, you do want a generalized “feel” of it. For example, these frozen yogurt cups are created by a company called Frozen Dessert Supplies. Designing a logo for the company entails thinking about how you would want a frozen yogurt logo to “feel.”


It’s a fun product, so the logo should feel fun, not stiff or too serious. Likewise, when designing your own logo, make sure that you don’t get too caught up in graphical recreations or representations but rather the feeling of your brand.


What Are The Long-Term Goals Of Your Company?


If you know this, it will help in creating a brand, and logo, that can endure the test of time. Some brands, even famous brands like Pepsi, have struggled with this, changing their logo periodically to keep up with the times.


You don’t want to have to “change with the times.” You want the times to change with your brand.


Who Are Your Biggest Competitors?


Your competitors can help you shape your brand’s image by providing a reference point for logo creation. If everyone in your industry incorporates certain design elements, it might make sense to follow suit, or it might make more sense to break the mold, depending on your company’s goals.


For example, if you want to position yourself as a company with fresh new ideas, you might want to ditch the usual design elements and take more risks with company colors and brand logos.

What Is Your Target Market?

Your target market may also help you design an appropriate logo. If you market to a senior market, for example, logos that tend to work well are those that give the prospect a feeling of comfort and security, especially if you’re in the financial industry.

Logos for companies marketing to teenagers need to look young, fresh, and fun.

Where Will Your Logo Be Used?

If you plan on using your logo on business cards, on your website, on banners, or on T.V., you need to take this into account during the design phase. Simpler is better when logos need to be transposed to multiple mediums.

What Kinds Of Logos Appeal To You?

Knowing your own interests will also help you create a good logo. If you prefer clean lines and a more modern look, it can help define your brand’s culture and feel. If you are more old-fashioned, this should come across in your logo.

Karl Olivieri works as a marketing and sales professor. He loves writing about marketing on the web. You can find his posts on various sales and marketing blogs.

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