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Email segmentation is an absolute necessity for increasing the effectiveness of email marketing

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E-mail marketing is essential, and it would not perhaps have been necessary to mention it once again if there had not been some confusion among marketers about its effectiveness today. With the advancement of technology, new tactics of marketing keep coming up, and the social media marketing has been the most sensational development over the past few years. The euphoria around the social media had given an apparent feeling about the new platform rendering all other marketing methods useless, which is not correct. At some point in time, people became so obsessed with social media that they almost forgot email marketing.  However, email marketing has not lost any of its powers and remains much relevant even today for those who know how to get the best from it.

Doing it correctly

The problem that email marketing has to face today is that there are no established best practices and this makes it look less effective. Instead of shooting out emails randomly, there are ways of communicating with customers in a sensible manner that can give the right results in marketing. How you communicate and with whom you communicate, are significant considerations in email marketing.  Just as we do not speak in the same way with a child and an adult, similarly, you cannot communicate a single message to all types of customers. You have to create communication for specific groups of customers for which you must learn the art of segmentation of your emails. Just as horses are for courses, you have to create emails keeping the customer in mind suggests the experts of Internet Business Solutions.

Segmentation of communication is important

The good thing is that marketers have now realized how important it is for them to create different types of email communication to address different segments of customers. A sizeable number of marketers (32%) have taken up email segmentation as a top objective for their companies. The majority of email marketers have now realized and accepted the fact that they must work for improving email database segmentation. The need of the hour is to scrutinize your email database, create categories, subcategories of customers first and then create customized communication meant for each group.  What marketing gains you could derive from segmentation of email communication would become clear on reading this article.

Buyer personas are different

There cannot be one-size fits all generalized email communication just because you have to deal with myriad buyer personas.  Whether you are selling some product or service, you have to deal with various types of customers for the same product or service. Although the customers might have the same requirement, their needs could be quite different, and you must capture it in your communication with them. Understanding the intent behind any query is more important than the query itself because it tells you what the right approach it should be in communicating with customers.

The buyer persona is an essential consideration for communication because the way you speak to a buyer of plumbing items to a landlord of an apartment building would be quite different from the way you would speak with a small household customer. Create buyer personas for targeted customers, as it would become easy to know what the right kind of email messages for each category would be.

Buyers are at different buying stages

Another reason why segmentation is important for email marketing is that your buyers reside in different positions in the buying funnel. The interaction that you would have with them would depend on the stage to which they belong. If the buyer is just at the selection stage, there is no point talking about something related to the buying method.  The buyer has not yet made up his / her mind and talking about advanced buying methods would be meaningless. The type of information that buyers need depends on the stage of buying they belong to, and you should create the communication accordingly. The needs of buyers based on their position in the purchasing funnel would tell you what kind of information to serve and in what way. You have to take advantage of your knowledge about customers to communicate with them in a way that satisfies them.

Improvement in Email reputation

By segmenting contacts, you can send more targeted emails to your target audience, and each one enjoys the communication in their ways. In the process, your reputation in email communication receives a boost.  The audience engagement also increases, as emails appear more relevant and useful for them. Once you know to whom you are writing and aware of what they expect from you, it becomes easy to create compelling messages by conveying the desired information that they find useful. The communication will bring the audience closer to you and improve their trust as they receive the right information that you can serve with better understanding. As you earn the trust of the audience, they become confident that they would always receive useful information from you.

Results will show

There is no doubt that targeted emails generate the right response from the audience over general emails. According to the results available from surveys, 39 % email marketers who segmented their messages experienced an increase in opening rates, the rate of unsubscribing from emails had gone down by 28% for some other marketers and a third group of marketers comprising 24% has confirmed higher revenue earning and better deliverability. And there is more to it because in cases where general emails could generate only 3% click-through rate, the number was three times higher for targeted emails that generated 8% click-through rate. It shows that the engagement rate for targeted emails is higher which has resulted in a higher click-through rate.

Although it is not as easy as it sounds, you must take up the challenge of implementing the above techniques to create effective email communication. The use of the specialized software is essential for doing the segmentation, which will show the right way of communicating through email for marketing gains.

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