3 Elements to Consider When Designing Your Logo

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3 Elements to Consider When Designing Your Logo

Have you launched a great website or started a new company and are now in the process of designing your logo?  Looking to create a logo that’s both simple and effective?  Overwhelmed and not sure where to start with the design process?

Anyone who has designed a logo for their brand will tell you that it is no easy feat.  You are brainstorming and looking for the perfect symbol or key phrase that will draw in your audiences attention; while at the same time hoping it will make the same impact on the world that the McDonalds Arch has. While designing your logo let me awaken you to the following three elements one needs to consider during this process.  Simple. Font. & The face of your brand.


Simple logos that are classic and easy to view will generate a stronger symbol for your company.  A simple logo is also more visually appealing to your audience.  A great example of a simple yet effective logo is the Nike swoosh.

Use of ‘WhiteSpace’ is a great way to simplify your logo.  WhiteSpace, as defined by webdesign.tutsplus.com, is the spacing between different elements which contains nothing. Again, I will use Nike as a prime example of how using white space in your logo design is very effective.


There seems to be an endless assortment of fonts to choose from when designing a logo.  So which font will work best for your logo? When designing your logo remember that less is more in the realm of font.  Try to stick with one or two fonts at most for your logo.  Here are a few tips when deciding on a font for your logo:

  1. ‘Dress for the occasion’: I read this little bit of advice a while back regarding font selection for logos and it has remained true today as it was then. There are some fonts that are used for ‘dressy’ occasions, some for ‘everyday’ occasions, and everything in between.  ‘Dress your logo’, if you will, for your brands occasion.
  2. What is your logos voice?: The font of a logo has a voice all it’s own. When you read an all-caps bold font, its as through the logo is yelling at you.  When you read a thin-cursive font, you may instantly think of something elegant or luxurious.  Deciding what your logos voice needs to be will help you when making a final decision on a font.


Your logo is your brands key identity and as such, should not be slapped on a piece of stationary with little to no thought.  Your logo will be your first foot forward to your audience, potential clients, associates, etc.  As I’m sure you already realize, your logo is crucial to your brand and may ultimately lead to the success or failure of your brand.  Be sure that your logo represents your brand effectively and accurately.  To help create your logo first define your brand by answering these questions:

  1. What is the purpose and/or goal of your company/website?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What do you want your brand to portray to your audience?


Creating a logo is no easy feat.  However, when the three elements discussed in this article are taken into consideration, you will be on the right track towards a successful logo.  Keep it simple.  Choose a correct font.  Remember your logo is the face of your brand.

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