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15 Best Web Development Blog You Should Follow

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Web-Developer-NigeriaWeb development is a constantly developing field. We must continually seek out new experiences and possibilities to grow and develop. Blogs are a great source of inspiration for everyone, whether you’re new to web development or have been doing it for a long time.

That is why learning is a significant aspect of a developer’s career. You will get informed and motivated if you feed your mind with fresh ideas and web development videos.

However, not everyone is the same. We all have various learning styles. Some people would rather read than watch videos.

We’ve collected a selection of the best web development blogs for you to read to help you build vital web development skills.

Top 15 Web Development Blogs to Follow

1. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is an excellent resource for web developers There are a lot of blog postings here. They publish new posts about the latest technological developments every day, so beginners may find them a little difficult.

However, the website is well worth a look, if only for the fancy wallpapers in the “Graphics” area.

Many posts about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, general web design, and developer tools, can be found in the coding section. The team includes several seasoned engineers and designers that are happy to offer their skills regularly.

2. David Walsh

David Walsh is a Mozilla Javascript consultant. He also runs a popular blog about development and software engineering. Expect to see blog postings about HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP, JavaScript languages, and other programming subjects. There are also posts regarding personal life now and then.

David is known for his “practice makes perfect” mentality. His blog, which is based on his industry knowledge, reflects this. David Walsh’s blog is a must-read for every programmer or software developer wanting to advance in their career.

3. Tuts+Code

Envato Tuts+ is one of the most well-known online suites of tutorials. It can also be considered a web development blog. It provides more than 1300+ videos on coding, web design, photography, etc., to help users enhance their creative and technical skills.

Besides video tutorials, it provides various how-to tutorials, eBooks, and Guides to learn about coding, programming languages, etc.

4. SpeckyBoy

Speckyboy began as a personal freelance portfolio and has since grown into a full-fledged web design publication. Not only are there instructions, but there is also some inspiring art for web and mobile app creation.

This web development site contains a wealth of valuable tutorials and inspiring user interface designs centered on CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and WordPress themes. The blog also discusses any relevant user-designer relationships that occur.

It provides informative information on what is changing in web technologies, allowing front-end developers to stay up to date on the newest industry developments. Even beginners can learn about current trends and implement them into their projects with the help of these blogs.

5. SitePoint

SitePoint is an excellent blogging platform run by a web development company.

Its sole purpose is to teach programming, programming languages, and development tools.

On the website, there are numerous blogs and excellent research pieces produced by industry expert

It also features a forum where you may discuss any web development-related issues. SitePoint is a must-visit for anyone looking to improve their development skills.

This web development blog covers a broader range of topics. You can discover more about Deno, Eleventy, Gatsby, Rust, WebAssembly, and other next-generation web technologies. Reading the blog will also keep you up to date on the web’s future and the state of the industry.

6. Hongkiat

Hongkiat is one of the most popular websites for design, technology, and inspirational content. There are plenty of freebies tips, methods, techniques, videos, tool recommendations, and more.

This site is primarily about design and inspiration. It also places a strong emphasis on technology. There are additional tutorials, tool recommendations, and tactics available.

It contains information that may be beneficial.

7. Web Design Ledger

Web design ledger is a blog on web design and development that includes articles, reviews, and interviews with web designers and developers.

They publish regular articles with news and tips regarding PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and Node JS in addition to tutorials and listicles about web development tools.

They also offer more general reading, common coding mistakes (for example, rewriting code from scratch when it isn’t necessary), and domain name selection.

8. A List Apart

A List Apart is one of the most well-known website development blogs on the internet. It covers design, development, content, and technology about web programming. Individuals who want to understand the logic underlying web-building processes will benefit from this page.

The majority of the content comprises opinion articles on topics ranging from future developments to ITs influence on the environment and career advice.

This is why, even if you aren’t directly involved in web development, you should bookmark this site. They can better prepare themselves for better teamwork, gain a better awareness of common practices, and spot fraud during the hiring process.

9. Codrops

Codrops is a great resource for front-end developers, with tons of inspiration, excellent tutorials, free components that we all adore, and articles full of tips.

Their tutorials are long in-depth, yet they are simple to follow. They have a lot of embedded photos, experimental movies, and working lines of code. If you want to learn advanced techniques like creating infinite circular galleries, dynamic typography, and glitch effects, here is the place to go.

A list of free resources, such as plugins and other tutorial websites, is also included. If you’re interested in learning more about CSS and Three Js, you’ll enjoy this web development blog.

10. CSS Author

CSS Author is a front-end web development site with many freebies and other resources for front-end web developers. On their website, you’ll find a multitude of resources, including icons, wallpapers, and themes. There are tutorials covering everything from Bootstrap to PSD-HTML conversion.

It includes an incredible number of “freebies,” including mockups, icons, and templates for WordPress and CMS platforms like Magento and Drupal, among others.

This site is a place to look for free libraries, plugins, bootstraps, and tools for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP developers.

11. Creative Bloq

If you’re searching for a compilation of unique, humorous, and well-researched essays on everything from HTML and CSS frameworks to JavaScript, Creative Bloq is a terrific place to start.

It’s a collection of articles on many themes, including 3D modeling, HTML & CSS, branding, typefaces, animation, digital art, graphic design, illustration, JavaScript, RWD, UX, and more.

This web development blog is well-balanced in terms of code and design topics.

12. Onextrapixel

Designers and developers will appreciate OnextraPixel. The content on this blog is complementary. This means they’re all working toward the same goal at the end of the day: developing the finest website possible.

They provide posts on everything from CSS optimization for the faster page loading to CSS specificity and even Flexbox suggestions. You’ll also find jQuery plugin recommendations as well as Sass-related websites.

Social media, CSS, design, toolkits, graphics, and WordPress are among the key themes explored on this site. On this site, you’ll find HTML5 tips as well as other articles.

13. Designmodo

Designmodo is another web development site worth checking out, especially for newsletter design. This blog is also involved in the development of emails for website developers. There are also Designmodo employment and Designmodo market services available.

You’ll discover a collection of some of the best stuff on this web development blog in the editor’s picks area, including the history of website construction and static HTML templates.

A marketplace full of items such as UI kits and graphics, as well as a job board section where you can find offers for remote and full-time web development employment, distinguishes this web development blog from the others.

14. Tutorialzine

Tutorialzine is a treasure trove of programming resources and tutorials. A group of developers manages this web development blog. Their blog provides a variety of articles about JavaScript, HTML, and CSS that are updated daily.

You may also sign up for their 80,000+-strong newsletter, which promises to send you nothing but relevant news, code libraries, and productivity suggestions once a week.

They also have a lot of freebies and resources. To read all of the articles on this site, you must subscribe to DevAwesome every week. This newsletter contains information about libraries and programming.

15. Alex Sexton

Alex Sexton is a Stripe engineer who also serves on the Modernizr core team, the jQuery Board of Directors, and the Dojo Foundation Board of Directors. It straightforwardly explains JavaScript concepts.

Alex covers a wide range of JavaScript-related topics in an easy-to-understand manner. You’ll also discover information about essential tools, front-end development, and motivation and productivity advice.

Wrapping Up

We hope you have discovered some of the most popular web development blogs to learn new things about web development. We went to great lengths to include a diverse range of web development blogs for developers from all backgrounds.

Besides web development, the craze of web application development is increasing year on year. Many businesses worldwide now develop web apps to reach a wider audience and generate more revenue. Therefore, one should learn new things about web app development also.

Lastly, whether you are starting your journey or web development or want to learn something new, you can visit any of the above blogs to learn new things in the web development field.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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