15 Best Business Productivity Apps ruling the tech world in 2020

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Best Business Productivity appsEase of doing business is attaining paramount significance as far as business development is concerned, around the world. The business activities are dependent on various demographic, social, and economic factors specific to a particular place. Smart entrepreneurs are also looking for business productivity apps to increase productivity.

Productivity is the basis of all human activity, as far as achievement is concerned. Productivity is also a source of satisfaction in any entrepreneurial endeavor. Employee and business productivity is a little like existing. It’s crucial in keeping an organization alive and thriving. Business productivity apps can lead any business to a thriving environment.

The basic principle of pursuing a business activity is the enhancement of margins of profit through improved means of productivity. Thus, the margin of profit is equally proportionate to reduced costs: lesser the price, more productivity, and resultant profits.

An app entrepreneur are relying on Best Business Apps 2020 to adopt the latest and improved productivity enhancement techniques, both in the form of a specialized workforce and advanced technology.

Smartphone Technology

The advent of computerization, software development technologies, and business productivity apps offers a lot of options for knowledge acquisition.

With the introduction of Smart Phone Technology, diverse operations and utilities are now at the disposal of an individual to explore new vistas of life, livelihood, and advancement. This technology has enabled the introduction and awareness of various tools for making our operations smoother. Numerous software applications enable comprehensive connectivity and convenience to accomplish a particular task related to our business and routine activities.

Better Connectivity with Customers

Best Budget Apps for Small Business provide better and enhanced connectivity and reach for business development. Businesses can conveniently achieve productivity through Best Business Apps 2020.

Value Addition (Rewards) for Business Development

  • Rewards for enhanced participation/ use by customers
  • Introduction to New Technology for the Customers

Benefits of Increasing Productivity at workplace

Overall, productivity is something that every entrepreneur strives for before starting any business. In recent times, productivity among organizations is gaining remarkable popularity. Higher productivity in any organization leads to improved profits and overall growth. Apart from business development, productivity also helps in the economic growth of a country. There are various factors which are a huge productivity killer for any business. Instead, it also helps keep employees focused and committed towards their work while allowing them breathing room. Taking care of employee satisfaction is essential for any entrepreneurs for the smooth work-flow of any business. It encourages them to put extra effort and energy. With the best budget apps for small business, managing employees has also become more accessible and manageable. Following the benefits of increasing productivity in any business:

  • Optimum utilization of available resources
  • Raises the standard of living on professional as well as personal front
  • Increasing profitability
  • Optimization of resources
  • Enhancing competitiveness

Below is a list of some business productivity apps that can increase the credibility of any business:

1. Evernote-iOS, Android

Evernote is the notebook app that works both on iOS and Android. Jotting down important notes and creating quick to-do lists have become more manageable and accessible with the help of this tool. You can now also immediately scan and share essential documents without going to any cyber café. Many brands these days prefer Evernote for their business-related activities as well as other tasks. Not only this, but the tool also provides you with a Web Clipper to save your favorite recipes or relevant references for later use. The app can improve your personal and professional life effectively. The app also allows you to record voice and audio memos directly from within the app. Collaboration with employers is also becoming easier with the help of Evernote. It is named among the best business mobile apps to increase productivity.

2. Pocket – iOS, Android

You can now enjoy an interface that lets you keep track of the useful links with the help of the Pocket app. It gives a smooth and concentrating reading experience across all devices. The tool is emerging as a helpful method for businesses in improving their productivity. It gives you options of archiving your saved links into diverse categories of Videos, Articles, and Images. The app also provides the user with a clean and efficient reading experience with an ad-free interface. The tool has become a bookmark manager for users and businesses. If you are looking for the best business apps 2020, then this app is for you.

3. Basecamp- iOS, Android 

Basecamp is a go-to collaboration alternative for many businesses. Basecamp is a communication software where employers and employees can manage assignments and TODOs. The software helps users with commendable features like links to different projects, calendaring as well as daily data backups. The app or tool works best both on Android and iOS operating systems. Basecamp is among the best budget apps for small businesses. Some of the functions of basecamp are:

  • Scheduling and creating documents
  • Messaging and chatting with the associates
  • User-friendly interface

4. OfficeTime – iOS

OfficeTime tool is another productivity-enhancing app for any business that helps in keeping records of the expenses. This incredible tool is known best among business productivity apps. It comes with an accessible and stylish interface that makes time-tracking affordable and easy. It is an excellent way of increasing the productivity of your business. Some of the benefits of OfficeTime app are:

  • Enhancing business productivity
  • Managing expenses
  • Productive and efficient tool

5. Nozbe – iOS, Android 

You can now manage your upcoming tasks, prioritize them, sync them within assignments, and get work done efficiently. Nozbe helps you to be productive all the time. No one likes to work in an environment where things are not organized. Therefore, this tool helps improve and enhance productivity. Top brands are considering this tool for project management for both the individuals as well as the managers. Nozbe is known as the best budget app for small businesses.

6. Timeful – iOS

Timeful is a tool iOS operating system that prioritizes and allocates activities based on your free-time. It detects the most productive time of any user to assign him something productive. You can reach maximum efficiency in your work with the help of this tool due to its scheduling feature. It arranges the tasks in the iOS to-do calendar according to a user’s productive working hours.

7. MindMeister – iOS, Android 

MindMeister, as the name suggests, is a tool that helps in turning ideas into reality. Displaying working patterns and creating hierarchies has become more comfortable with this tool. The best advantage of this software is that it works on the Android and iOS operating systems. Jotting down notes and important points about anything has become convenient with this tool. The tool is also known for its mind mapping feature that helps employees and managers in sharing the free flow of ideas and thoughts.

8. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a productivity-enhancing tool for a business that helps in creating synchronization of tasks and responsibilities among users and companies. It is among the best budget apps for small business. The tool comes with a user-friendly interface that both employees and management can access according to their convenience. When assigning targets, creating deadlines, and updating tasks, you can use this tool to carry out any activity. These tools are becoming a great source of help for businesses, especially in the ‘work from home’ environments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

9. RescueTime 

Rescue time is an award-winning tool that top companies prefer to enhance productivity. It helps in analyzing the exact amount of time spent on an application, site, and even down to a particular document. The software also assists employees and staff in an organization to become efficient with powerful time management techniques. The team leads in any organization can monitor the time a particular employee spends on a specific task. The features like stopwatch, goals reporting, and progress reporting help brands increase business productivity.

10. TapeACall Pro

TapeACall Pro is a tool that helps businesses to record all the incoming and outgoing calls automatically. The recording of calls works as long as the app is working. This software works both on Android and iOS versions of the operating system. TapeACall Pro is an updated version of the TapeACall app that offers the users facility of the unlimited length of call records. Businesses that need to record calls for more than a minute are relying on the pro version of the TapeACall app.

11. Hootsuite 

In this highly developing world, converting large PDF files into word files is essential. PDF to Word smart tool is perfect for app entrepreneurs looking for a reliable productivity app for their business. The tool helps in displaying similar graphic content and layout, thereby helping in the presentation of regular official reports. Apart from explicit material, the tool helps in protecting digital signatures of businesses and watermarks.

12. Majestic 

The Majestic SEO Tool is a tool or software that almost all businesses prefer to increase their productivity. The use of this tool has become prevalent in the world of technologies. It functions well in providing audits of SEO analytics of a brand’s website. It offers reliability and trust flow of SEO and detailed reports of back-links. Businesses like you are using the Majestic tool to carry out competitive analysis of websites. It also helps entrepreneurs in ranking higher on Google’s search engines. Other potential benefits of Majestic tool are:

  • Cost-effective method
  • Compare competitor’s backlinks
  • Improve search engines

13. SEMrush

Apart from analyzing business counterparts, SEMrush is a tool that helps brands and app managers to increase reliable website traffic. It provides you complete knowledge and skills of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that make digital marketing manageable. It allows you to discover what other brands are doing by auditing on-page SEO resulting in progressive lead generation. The tool works best for beginners who need guidance in digital marketing as well as increasing business productivity.

14. Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is an easy-to-use and user-friendly app that encourages interaction among users and businesses. This software is a perfect tool for streamlining communiqué between a brand and its target audience. This tool also helps in building long-lasting bonds and trust with the help of social media marketing and social media comprehensive analytics. It offers businesses a systematic dashboard that contains different sections like Reports, Messages, Discovery, Tasks, Publishing, and Feed.

15. Trello 

Trello works amazingly well for businesses that enormously require a visual task management system. It is a cloud-based project management system that assists entrepreneurs, team leads, and employees to keep their assignments structured. Trello helps in maintaining and collecting their projects under the ‘Boards’ section. The tool helps in convenient collaboration with the team members and to organize routine activities. Managing business expenses has become a lot easier with the Trello app. It eliminates the hustle of switching between different tasks to control their actions. It plays an active role in boosting the productivity of any business as it works in real-time.

All the apps in this list will help you be more productive as they are time-saving and cost-effective. You’ll still need productivity tools to enhance businesses and help to achieve organizational goals. These apps will keep you dedicated. More productive employers and employees are usually having more inclination towards their productivity these days. Maximum audience engagement is a potential outcome of several achievement factors, which often connects to the quality of management, the amount of self-sufficiency an individual feels. Small steps and changes to routine office environment will significantly perk up the productivity and office effectiveness in your business. It will allow companies to get more quality work done in less time and decrease the amount of time spent on unnecessary activities.


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