12 Reasons Why PHP is Leading the Web Development

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If you are holding a business, a good website and right technology both are equally important. In this tough competitive arena, PHP is the first name that triggers into the mind to get a dynamic business capable of holding tremendous features.

It is a server-side scripting language that helps create dynamic and highly interactive web pages to offer multifarious business advantages.

The ample benefits of PHP saves the overall development time and cost with a smooth and effortless method being used in creating an effective web design.

Few commonly known extensions of PHP are Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, that act as famous content management systems. It is easy to build multiple sites and blogs with all these big resources.

How PHP is Rising

Sensing the wide growth of PHP language, there is no exaggeration to say that it will act highly resourceful and feature-rich in creating a strong online identity in near future.

It is growing like a banyan tree in the web development realm where you can find the leaves and fruits of this popular web programming language extensively at every hook and corner.

When going deep, PHP is a strong toolkit. How it behaves entirely depends on how a user or programmer will use it.

Let’s dig out slightly deeper into PHP fundamentals by reading some of its extravagant features.

Captivating Attributes That Make PHP Rule The Internet

  1. Server Side Scripting

    Server side scripting is a valid reason to use this open source language to create an ultra modern website that runs on your server instead of client’s server.

    This allows targeted users not to face the compulsion to download any extra plug-in like Java and Flash that can help view a website.

  2. Object Oriented Coding

    Object oriented coding pattern helps PHP in reigning over programming realm. Technically, it is not possible for the enterprise applications to provide this flexibility to write code of your taste.

    On the other hand, with PHP, one can write its own codes as per the specific requirement of a web application.

  3. Open-source Nature

    An open source lets you keep your web development costs moderate. There is no stress of paying a big amount to the vendor to use their applications. On other side, PHP can be used as a freebie for a lifetime and no one can raise a query on using PHP for commercial usage.

    Hence, it can be considered as a nice web programming language for all mid-level business organizations as well as large enterprises and corporate.

  4. HTML-friendly

    Any HTML proficient person can easily work with the PHP framework. In fact, PHP and HTML can be used interchangeably within a page. It is easy to put PHP outside or inside the HTML.

    As PHP adds new features to your website design, the basic appearance is made stuffed with HTML.

  5. Easy to Learn

    PHP is quite easy to start a website with, whether you are a newbie or a professional. With few simple functions, you are able to do plenty of amendments within your site.

    After learning the basics, it is also important to check out the wealth of available scripts on the web that you might use to tweak slightly to best fit your needs.

  6. Interactive Features

    PHP makes it easy to interact with your visitors in many ways that HTML alone cannot. You can use it to design simple email forms or elaborate online stores that can secure past orders and might help similar products.

    There is also a flexibility to get interactive forums and private messaging systems.

  7. Refined Online Documentation

    The PHP documentation is the best of its kind across the web. The reason behind the same is every function and method call is documented.

    The interesting part is the plenty of examples that you can study along with comments from other users.

  8. Dynamic Typing

    Like HTTP, PHP also does not allow strong typing for the scalars. Rather, it offers dynamic typing to reduce the amount of code one needs to write.

    Likewise, the frequency of the error conditions that you need to check also minimizes.

  9. Strong Web Connection

    HTTP can be considered as an imperfect protocol but prolific in use because of the innumerable features that it carries.

    PHP is bound directly to HTTP but can be also run in non-HTTP environments HTTP. Thus, for a better communication over HTTP, PHP makes a lot of sense.

  10. Easy Integration

    When discussing technically, there are plentiful third-party system interfaces. They can either be native in behavior like Memcache and MongoDB or PHP-based such as Pusher.

    Power-packed functionality of the PHP makes it a good choice in places like banks, governments and other areas that counts for multiple business critical applications.

    It is an open target for those interested in the web-enabled applications.

  11. Robust Frameworks

    PHP holds a large set of powerful frameworks that help to a great extent in designing a flexible yet robust web portal.

    Zend, CodeIgniter, Symfony and Phalcon are few popular names that are meant to fit for the unique needs of multifarious businesses. The applications developed using any of these frameworks are assured to be stuffed with integrated support and migration system.

    Interestingly, they are equipped with a strong community, inbuilt support and extensive modular characteristics to create high-efficiency websites.

  12. Fast Problem Solving

    A technical solution is not worth enough for a business if it does not solve a business issue. PHP is capable of resolving the problems faster while taking assumptions, also called as shortcuts in refined way.

    These shortcuts have sureshot guarantee to work with easy implementation of workarounds.

What to Conclude

Above reasons are worth satisfying to prove the phenomenal value of PHP, a reliable open source programming language that tops the chart due to its innumerable features and benefits. The factors listed in this blog act as a pillar to boost your online presence by giving a quality-rich website that showcases your brand. In a nutshell, you can diversify your brand in order to remain updated in the market.

About The Author:

This blog has been written by an expert web developer at Webby Central, a predominant website development company in USA. Jacob Colleen has a great interest in creating technical writeups highlighting the basic concepts of different programming languages like PHP, HTML and JavaScript.

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