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10 Features of Digital Marketing To Be bred In Your Bone

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Career choice is one of, if not the essential step in life. Someone sees his vocation from an early age, while others year after year, they look over their career prospects before finding the right one.

How to understand that you are intended for this work?

You know that communication is everything.

Working in digital marketing means taking every second of your life in the synthesis, organization, and absorption of information. The ability to find the right words for an important letter, correctly present the goals of the campaign, the ability to continually be up to date with industry news: every day you will balance the scales, with absorption on the one hand, and content generation on the other.

Statistics says that on average, an office worker receives 121 emails every day, and an active network user sees about half a million words every day (this is more than the size of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, for a minute). Half the time online, we absorb content from news media, social networks, or email. And these figures are only “the average temperature in the ward,” and for digital marketers, we can expect even higher values ​​for these indicators.

The ability to concisely and clearly express your thoughts is valued above all. A useful skill will also serve the opposite skill: to catch the essence of the information compiled inaccurately or ornately.

In the network, there are many courses to improve writing skills and speed reading, but ultimately, it all comes down to practice and the right examples to follow. If you want to learn to write – write and write a lot. Read articles, books, tweets from people who inspire you.

Inside you a spark of self-expression that is waiting in the wings

Digital marketing gives a broad scope for creativity. Few things compare with the sensation of rising “from zero to one hundred” as a result of many hours of tedious work, or vice versa – a sudden flash of inspiration, illuminating at 4 am.

The insatiable desire to share the fruits of their work with the world and the thrill of awareness of the benefits that these fruits have brought to customers – constant companions of the digital marketer.

Creativity is often innate, but without a doubt, it can be developed with individual perseverance. According to a survey conducted among CEOs of many companies, the creative potential was in the first place among the most desirable skills in hiring.

Imagine that creativity is a muscle, and you can train it just like everyone else. “Pumping” it, doing creatively in your spare time, you can reap the benefits in the professional field. Playing a musical instrument, regular visits to the theater or watching stand-up shows from your favorite comedians – the choice is yours. The main thing is to surround yourself with a creative environment that will cultivate creative skills.

You can change the voice

At one point, you reflect on the content of a business banner for a logistics company, and after a minute, send a catchy tweet to a brand account that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

You are consumed by an information security case study for a financial institution, and then you write a playful letter for the mailing list on behalf of the orphanage. Digital marketing is for you if you can quickly and confidently change your narrative tone.

Use the motto “Fake it’ till you make it,” and also surround yourself with information of various emotional colors: subscribe to the newsletter of industrial corporations, read niche sites, tweet opinion leaders in multiple industries. Over time, your vocabulary in specific topics will expand significantly, and there will also be an understanding of which formulations to use when appropriate.

You tirelessly crave new knowledge

This item is a mandatory result of the previous one.

You should always be aware of the latest news about both marketing and the customer industry. It is not a mechanical process: you must have a constant desire to search, read, and absorb news, research, and case studies in digital marketing.

Subscribe to opinion leaders and digital marketing experts, learn best practices and best resources. Support your creative potential and communication skills with continuous self-education, learning SEO, web design, and many other related branches of digital marketing.

There is an endless amount of resources online to help you with this – a massive list of online courses and certifications, including from Google. Follow the seminars and intensives in your city, attend them. Look at the records of those who could not get. The limit is only in the desire to invest in your future.

You thrive in a continually changing environment.

This week your only job is collecting keywords for a new e-commerce client. Next week, you are immersed in the subtleties of setting up targeted Facebook advertising for the stock trading platform.

You shoot the queue with the content on all social sites, replacing your colleague on vacation, and later discuss the quarterly analytics report with the client.

I cross my fingers so that this never happens to you. However, such situations need to be morally prepared for any changes you like. Today everything goes smoothly, and tomorrow, Google updates the algorithms, and everything flies to hell.

According to an Adobe survey, marketing has changed more than the previous 50 years over the past two years. Despite this, you must take into account the traditional methods and techniques of marketing.

The constantly changing world of digital marketing does not frighten a professional but only inspires.

You are a team player with high self-organization

Another essential quality of a successful digital marketer is the ability to succeed in independent work. You know how to motivate and organize yourself, to be focused on productivity, even when you have no one to control and direct.

To make the work product, there are many services: Google Calendar, Trello, Evernote. Choose what is convenient and close in spirit for you.

These same services will be useful to you in teamwork. It is essential to be able to set and accept tasks and delegate them correctly. You, your colleagues and clients are working on a common goal, and to achieve it successfully established cooperation is the top priority.

You know how to stay in the shadows, but not afraid of publicity

Marketers do the lion’s share of the work on behalf of their clients. The best fruits of your labor will be published with the signature of another person or brand. You will succeed in digital marketing if working in the shadow does not hurt your ego.

At the same time, the further you succeed, the more often you will have to perform public roles – for example, holding a report at a conference or webinar. These roles also need to be ready and savvy.

Take a few online courses or read the books you need to learn how to keep yourself in public.

Large amounts of data do not deter you.

Digital marketing is a place where art and science are combined. You are sure that correctly measured, and analyzed data will invariably lead to success. You are not afraid of a table with a broad set of data. On the contrary, you are happy to wait for them, because they will help you see the big picture and mark the growth zones.

You do not give up after a series of failures

On the career path, you will find many difficulties and crashes. Campaigns will fall from the hands, customers – to stand on his own, creative impulses – fade away. There will always be too little time and money, too much competition, and uncertainty.

All these difficulties do not make you give up and close into a cocoon of insecurity and self-pity. Proactivity is the key to not giving up and preventing mistakes before they start to appear.

In the end, you love your business

You have already chosen the path of a digital marketer, and you like it. It is the main sign that you are doing everything right. You have already gone from the initial acquaintance with the industry to the launch of a marketing campaign, and you can no longer present yourself in any other industry.

Choosing a career path is associated with the adoption of a variety of complex decisions, so you should not ignore any of the signs that this path is up to you.

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Melisa Marzett is a freelance writer who is currently working for Get written papers now while traveling. Apart from writing, she enjoys physical activities outdoors, eating healthy, cooking healthy, and watching art-house movies.

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