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Boost sales

10 Actionable Marketing Tactics To Boost Your Sales

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Boost sales

Marketing is like the backbone for your business’s success. The more you focus on marketing; the better will be your revenues. However, the techniques that work for someone, might not do that good for someone else’s business. Content marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, special marketing tactics like Magento product designer extension; and the list seems to be endless. At the most fundamental level, you have to transform more customers into promoters and eliminate competitors. As you build up your marketing strategy, it’s critical to keep several elements of your approach in mind. Let’s take a look at some that can assist you with better define your marketing tactics.

Following are the 10 most innovative marketing tactics to boost your sale. Have a look-

1. Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is internet marketing tactic that provides product owner to expand sales by permitting others focusing on the same audience that means “affiliates” – to gain a commission by prescribing the product to others. At the same time, it makes it possible for affiliates to earn cash on product sales without making results of their own affiliate marketing is a referral plan in which an online advertiser pays you a commission when clients buy their product from your referral link.
Let your customers earn a profit for referring people to your site. You can fix a certain percentage (for example 6-15%) of the total cost of the product that will be paid to the affiliates for every product purchased by using their links.

Here are few benefits of Affiliate Marketing:
1) Quick customer acquisition
2) Expanded brand visibility
3) Targeted Ads
4) Promoting Ease

2. Magento product designer extension
People love putting their own creativity in everything. Let them design and personalize the products available on your site. You can facilitate your customers design their own T-shirt to win their hearts and extend your reach. This Magento product designer extension enables one to include content, pictures and alter them utilizing different enhancing impacts You can use tactics from the built-in library of 10,000 plus product or add your own. It additionally gives various plan regions and sides relying upon the nature of the product.

3. Never compromise on putting hoardings

A hoarding is generally utilized to create brand awareness. They also act as reminders. Better hoardings have a prominent image and scarce text. Holding a live event gives you significant ‘acknowledgment’ with potential customers and offers the open door for them to encounter the look, feel and identity of your brand.
Big advertisement hoardings set in an easily visible area can also get you more customers. Never hesitate to pay a little too much money to place your hoardings in areas with a good scope of attracting people’s eyes.

Here are few main reasons to go for hoardings
1) Hoarding advertisements are free to customers.
2) Hoardings are recognizable due to their splendid and strong messages
3) Hoardings permit advertisers to achieve a number of people much faster.
4) Hoardings increase the awareness of your product.

4. Organise photo contests
You can also conduct photo contests where customers need to click and post creatively taken images where they are using your products. You can offer some tempting products from your own store as a prize. This is a really cost-effective and great marketing tactic that will surely boost your sales.

5. Offer bonus points to users
You can also offer bonus points to users who share news about an upcoming sale or contest that you are conducting. Bonus points will motivate people to spread your news and you will, in turn, get some new buyers.

6. Free membership
You can also offer free membership to your customers who have made purchases from your store for three-five times. You can promote this membership facility by saying that members will be notified of the arrival of new stocks immediately and can also avail exciting festive sales.

7. Create informative content
Strong and informative content allows you to show your customers who your organization is and what your brand speaks to. Share the details about your organization that make it clear what separates you from others in your industry and show potential customers why they should choose you over your competitors. Write useful articles with a lot of tips that can help your customers in their day-to-day activities. Once people start relating to your content, they are more likely to start loving your brand and products as well.

8. Bulk discounts
Set discount on your pricing is a another popular tactic that can drive more sales to your online business, acquire new customers, and give you more points of interest too. You can also provide buy ’10 and get 10 free’ kind of discounts to attract people. People would hardly need 20 pieces of a product, so they will bring their friends or family along.
Before you pick a discount tactic, ensure you have an essential goal.

Your goal will decide the kind of discount you offer, how you’ll advertise it, and which customers you should intend to reach. Apart from boosting your sale, bulk discounts can really help you in getting new customers.

9. Use social media to promote your business
Social media also works as a great tool to attract people to your business. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp offer associations an exceptional free of charge platform to promote themselves, manufacture their brand and their audience.

Stay active on social media accounts and pages and post regular updates, offers and similar things to attract people. Remain important and on-subject and you will collect a profitable and engaged audience.

10. Collaboration or Sponsorships
Collaborations or sponsorships are also a great way to extend your reach. By collaborating on a marketing event, you can get twice the exposure and interest. You will likewise have the capacity to share event costs and resources, increasing each company’s ROI. Sponsor a program or collaborate with an organization to build brand awareness among people. Consider sponsoring events that relate to your business to make sure you are targeting the right audience.

Author Bio:
Isha Singh, an avid app developer is trying to take advantage of the technical knowledge she has to help people gain a foothold in the digitized world. Read her sharing her views on web and app development, the latest being Magento shipping extension.

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