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How to get fast traffic on your website!!

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These days’ people have created attractive website with great content and attractive images but when they check analytics of these sites they observe very low traffic. Why & how is this happening? It means that your promotion methods for the website have completely failed. You should know that building a website or page is just a one-step but promoting it with the right method is a different & necessary thing.

Before talking about what we should do and what not to increase the traffic of web site consider this: the Internet world is a pool of uncountable users that are increasing day by day and you only hold a very small portion of traffic to promote your product.

According to the many reports and analytic, there are approx 1.8 trillion searches performed in Google, Facebook has 1.79 billion monthly active users and Twitter has 317 million monthly active users and the list can go forever and ever. In simple words, nothing like the real World (offline World), in the Virtual World your prospective customers, visitors, fans are infinite and they are only a click away from your website.

But the fact is that they would not visit your website (if you are not a brand) by their self, all you have to do is put your website in front of their eyes and under their mouse pointer. Luckily there are many best ways to do this and this is what I will talk about in this write up.


I think it will be more helpful for you to talk about first “Avoidable Mistakes” to promote your website, mainly if you have been reading any of the ‘unrealistic’ promotion tricks circulating on the web. In short stay away from silly mistakes:

  • Link building schemes or networks
  • Paid traffic
  • Paid Facebook likes or twitter fans and followers

It is very necessary to understand that unless you have created a super duper web site victory will not come immediately. Because to create a readership & recognize as a brand is a time-consuming process and any shortcut can harm your site in the future.

What is the risk of implementing any of the above process?

  • You will burn your money without having a real advantage
  • Too much link building may lead to penalties
  • Buying Facebook likes or other social media benefits may lead to penalties by search engines.
  • You will not know that what is going on in your website and actual potential of the site.

Now the question is this if all above mention methods are invalid then how I can increase the number of visitors to my site? Now read carefully about the genuine practice to promote your site.


Most popular ways to promote your website

There are many sources of online traffic but many webmasters fail to utilize them appropriately. Obviously, search engine traffic is major but it’s not the single way to promote your site.

Actually, if you use the other traffic sources efficiently you are more liable to boost traffic via search engine well.

Sources of traffic

Generally the main sources of traffic are:

  • Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing)
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Mobile media & Store
  • Chrome App store
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Youtube & Slideshare
  • Paid Advertising
  • Offline sources (Business cards)

Personally, I have used most of the above-mentioned methods for my site and I will clarify below how these can support your SEO efforts, boost your web site’s exposure and increase more traffic to your site.

Search Engines: in the search engine you can increase your traffic by 3 ways, 1. Create your website SEO Friendly & optimize it for the search engine, 2. Creating high quality links from quality sites and 3. Feed your site with new generic posts frequently, this will help you to gain fixed loyal visitors and attract Crawlers.

Social Media: It is the best tool to make anything viral especially content. To make your social media campaigns successful you need to have a large user base (fans, followers, and friends) and you also need to have high-quality content.

Mobile Media: Experts believes that by 2020 smart phones will reach almost in the hand of every person. And as you know that third of all internet access is via Smartphone’s, people uses the internet in smart phones for searches, open sites, social media and navigation etc. So it is very necessary to optimize your site for mobile and user friendly.

Chrome App Store: Chrome is one of the most reliable browsers and has millions of users searching the Internet on a daily basis. This web browser has a web store too and as it turns out it is an excellent source of traffic.

Amazon Kindle: This E-Commerce Website has been very booming with Kindle that took a step ahead and formed their own OS (based on Android) and Amazon Store where you can download kindle books and apps for your Kindle gadget.

Now the question is this “how Amazon can help us to increase web site traffic?” The answer is – people can create a kindle book and publish it on Amazon free of cost. Other users on Kindle read your book or can visit your website. I am also going to publish my kindle book and take full advantage of traffic on Kindle.

YouTube and Slideshare:  People love to watch videos & slides on different topics, huge traffic on the YouTube is a solid proof of this statement, now people prefer visual contents over text.  You can also create your YouTube channels with a specific theme and gain traffic on your website.

Paid Advertising:  Marketing of any product is an effective way to improve reachability to the consumers, if you are selling your product online then Google Adwords and Facebook ads are the best platforms to help your products to reach maximum numbers of visitors.

Offline Sources: Never misjudge the supremacy of offline marketing sources. Promote your products & website in your business cards, leaflets, ads, banner and any other medium you use for building & maintaining brand awareness.


In few words, with the purpose of boost your web site’s traffic you have to be active and ready to check – which are the best sources of traffic for your site without increasing any kind of risks that can harm your website.


Rashmi Khanna a veteran Real estate writer and fervid blogger put who forward the best information of Real Estate.

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