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Who is the winner in the battle between Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing?

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With the debate over digital vs. traditional marketing going on, which amid the two will be the most suitable to promote and market your business? It may appear as a tough choice but below are some pointers that will help you to make the right decision.

The Significance of Marketing

Marketing is a part of the business which one cannot ignore. An intelligent entrepreneur will always keep a budget aside exclusively for the marketing needs. That is an era where a significant part of the populace does their transaction online, but some are not even aware of the ways of using the internet. Here, the decision of digital vs. traditional marketing becomes a challenge. You need to be mindful of the merits and demerits of both forms of marketing and how each applies to the business.

Traditional Marketing Defined

It is a conventional means of marketing which have been widely utilized since the commencement of advertisements and marketing and includes,

  • Ads in weekly magazines
  • Billboards and flyers by the highways and roads
  • Radio
  • Newspaper
  • Television

Digital Marketing Defined

Online or digital marketing is the global village’s marketing mode. The internet era is making its influence in all realms of life. This form of marketing comprises of the platform such as,

  • Clickbait links for the viral content
  • Blogs
  • Paid pop-ups
  • Promotional ads through emails
  • Business networking sites such as LinkedIn
  • Social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Digital marketing in the real sense is more versatile compared to traditional marketing. But which amid the two is better or will be the winner? To know more keep reading further.

Benefits of Digital/Online Marketing over the Traditional Marketing

During the yesteryears, traditional marketing was given a lot of importance as this was the sole means of marketing.And digital marketing was not even in the picture. Take a look at the different benefits of digital/online marketing over the traditional marketing,

  • Reduced Cost- The conventional modes of advertisement such as TV ads and newspaper ads are quite expensive. But digital advertising indeed is something that young entrepreneurs too can afford due to its affordable price. It is this price factor that has popularized digital marketing by leaps and bounds.
  • Real-Time Result-In the case of traditional marketing, you will require waiting for some time before the boost begins to turn up. Here, digital marketing has the upper hand because it will offer you quick results. You can see just everything within real-time including bounce rates, conversion rates, the day’s most active time and the number of visitors. The fact is with results being available in real time taking prompt action is possible.
  • Brand Development– Here again, digital marketing services wins because traditional marketing has a limited frequency of advertisements and space. In case of online advertising, you have a complete website rather than a column, whether it is on a magazine/newspaper page. As and when you desire you can put things forward to people the moment you have a social media page or a blog. You can create with this space a constant image for the company. It is something a single ad published in the newspaper or aired on the radio cannot give. Digital marketing will work wonders in brand development. To know more, contact a professional Manhattan Beach SEO
  • Non-intrusive– People do not purchase a newspaper for the advertisements in it and turn on the radio to listen to the weather forecast or music. But the concept of the radio is dying. In short, it will not be wrong to state that most traditional advertising goes ignored. On the contrary, with digital marketing, you have the flexibility of choosing whether to see this or not. Here again, digital marketing is a winner as it will not annoy people.
  • Higher Exposure- When it comes to traditional marketing it will be restricted to a particular locality, but in the case of digital marketing it will reach out across the world. So, if you have not yet invested in digital marketing, you are missing out on something.
  • Higher Engagement- You cannot interact with the target audience through traditional marketing as you will have to wait for the response before taking the next step. So, this will be a process that is long and tedious. The best part about digital marketing is that it will enable you in engaging with the customers in real time.
  • Prompt Publicity- Owing to digital marketing’s real-time results you can reap the perks of instant publicity. Digital vs. traditional marketing indeed is an unfair comparison here as the earlier possess no scope of delivering in this context. In the case of the latter, you can experience a chain reaction comprising of comments and shares that will assist you in reaching a new audience as well as earn new visitors every second. It again shows that digital marketing is the right choice.
  • Non-Interruptive- Customers can skip ads. The traditional vs. digital marketing has crucial differences. In the case of conventional marketing, flyers generally are given to people while rushing to the bus. In the case of digital marketing, it will provide you with the choice of media and time.
  • Suitable for Every Phase of Field- Digital marketing will take precedence in some issues in the ongoing battle between digital vs. traditional marketing. There will be no worry regarding business size and staff for reaching the utmost potential of advertising and online presence. Smaller businesses are likely to face some disadvantages with traditional advertising. The virtual expansion will not need a lot of people to handle things.
  • Simple Analytics- When you choose digital marketing you will right away know what works for you and also what does not through Google Analytics. The best part is through digital marketing you can measure everything from profit, conversion rate, bounce rate, inbound traffic and interested audience and all this in real time.
  • Strategy Refinement- If you wish to get results as well as the analytics within real time, you can get that. After all, when you are aware of how things are proceeding, you can improve the same to something better. But getting negative feedbacks in case of traditional marketing will not bother you as the business may have gone down already by the time these feedbacks are received.

Traditional Marketing Perks

One cannot entirely neglect traditional marketing as this form of marketing also has benefits. Some of the benefits are – it can help to target the local audience, the things here are securable and tangible, it has a personal and real approach, and it is a more straightforward process.

To conclude we may state that digital marketing wins the battle. Traditional marketing though is still indispensable so an intelligent blend of the two will be the right choice.

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