Which Is Better To Use: Black Hat or White Hat?

Search engine optimization has become the fastest and most intelligent way to build up your website, and without using these strategies you will find yourself with nothing to show for the money, time, and hard work that you have invested in your website.  With any business, there are right and wrong ways to go about enhancing your profit, and SEO is no different.  Different websites will use different techniques, different companies will offer different enhancements for your website, and altogether everyone has a different experience.  The main difference is that some companies offer what are known as black hat SEO services, while other companies offer white hat SEO services.

What is the difference in the way the techniques are used?

The basic premise of SEO is that it will optimize the web content that is on your website so that your site will be more appealing to search engines and you will get indexed higher in the page rankings.  You want content on your page, in your titles, in your meta descriptions, and even in image descriptions, to optimize what viewers see when they when they are searching for search terms relevant to your information.  The difference between black hat white hat SEO is that black hat has a reputation for using methods that are frowned upon in some settings.  People or companies that are known to use black hat strategies are known for doing things like incorporating hidden content, which is a technique that involves using hidden keywords that are within the code for the site.  This will make the website pop up in the search engine even though the actual content on the page has none of those keywords visible.  White hat techniques use keywords in an authentic and real manner.  Keyword research is done to determine the best keywords for your content area, and they enhance your content by adding these keywords into key places.  However, you content on the site is exactly what is advertised in the search engines, so people coming to your site are really getting what they want.

Is there ever an in-between gray area?

There are certain techniques that some people consider black hat that can actually be changed to where it doesn’t fall into the category of being black hat, but it also doesn’t necessarily fall into the area of being white hat either.  These types of strategies are often referred to as grayhat.   Instead of stuffing your pages with keywords, like black hat techniques do, focus on the keywords and make them fit into your content, but include a higher percentage of your keywords than most would suggest.  While the article may sound unnatural, it will not be flagged as black hat because you are using techniques in this gray area.  At the same time, most white hat SEO incorporates the keywords a number of times that will be satisfactory for search engines and flow normally in paragraph format, so using this technique will not be considered white hat either.  This is just one of the ways that you can take black hat techniques and change them just enough to where they don’t fall into that category anymore.

Deciding whether to use black hat white hat SEO can be a difficult decision.  Black hat SEO promises huge rewards, but can be risky because it puts your website in jeopardy.  If the search engines see enough issues with your site, they could flag it as spam or even take it down.  This may get you some fast results in the search engines, but nothing longstanding.  Those who use white hat SEO will experience a longer turnaround time in terms of how long it takes for them to see results in their site moving up in the rankings, but they will see long-term results because they are using techniques that are approved and favored by the search engines In the end, it’s up to you what you decide to use.  Some people decide to go with mainly white hat techniques while toeing the line with some grayhat as well, while others choose to use black hat all the way.  Do your research and see what is right for you!

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