What is video production and how it is done?

Video & production is defined as the process by which video can be created by capturing some moving images (that is known as videography) and by doing video editing that is done by creating combinations as well as reduction of parts of this video in the live production and post production. Electronic media such as hard disk, video tape or solid state storage are used to record the captured videos in most of the cases. But without being recorded, it might only be distributed electronically. There is similarity between video production and filmmaking the only difference is that instead of the film stock, images are recorded electronically.

Video Production

Video Production

It is the art and service of the content creation and delivering a finished video product practically. The production of Television programs, corporate videos, television commercials, wedding videos, event videos as well as special interest home videos is included in this. The size of the video production can vary and may range from a family making home movies along with a prosumer camcorder, a videographer with a sound person, a one solo camera operator with a professional video camera in a single camera setup, to a multiple camera setup shoot in a television studio to a production truck requiring a whole television crew for an EFP (electronic field production) with a production company with set construction on the backlot of a movie studio.

Training video, internet video production, real estate video production, explainer video, marketing video, video production for distance education, event video, corporate video as well as television broadcast are some of the types of the video production. Some of the styles of shooting include incorporating Dutch angle, a tripod for a locked down shot, Whip pan and whip zoom, hand-held to attain a more jittery camera angle or looser shot, with a steadicam for the smooth movement as well as on a jib that smoothly soars to varying heights. A wide range of purposes is covered by the corporate video production for example from corporate communication, education and training, products and services and sales, videotaping conferences as well as conventions. “Candids” or “happy-face” is the popular type of this type of video production.

At sporting, stage, church, school, wedding and similar events can be recorded by using video production. Explainer videos are used for the incorporation of the animation. Explainer videos are of two kinds known as cartoon and whiteboard. These types are used to transfer the technical message. With the help of these videos the audience will have better understanding. Shooting the footage of the properties as well as editing them into short videos is contained in the real estate video. The process of capturing, editing as well as presenting the educational material for use in the on-line education is included in the video production for distance education. To create the script, organize content and video footage, and to deliver the final educational material over the internet, the teachers integrate best practice teaching techniques.

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