Web Design Trends

A Preview Changing Web Design Trends

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A Preview Changing Web Design Trends


Staying current on web design trends is very crucial for the success of your business. A lot changes every 12 months in terms of popularity with visuals, algorithm updates.

2019 will be about delivering on consumer experience: internet design trends will enhance mobile and speed design, eye-catching straightforward layouts with asymmetrical designs, immersive movie wallpapers, and much more.



  1. Long scrolling pages

Finding all your vital Information over the “fold” was a design theory, many entrepreneurs formerly reverted to thinking that when a visitor could not observe the CTA button, then they would never convert participate with you further, or buy.

That practice is dead. “Short” web pages which have all the important information above the fold are not considered the standard for higher conversion prices. They’re craving additional info, whether that is in the shape of 10x blog articles or lengthy scrolling landing pages.

A long scrolling menu boosts the navigation experience for the visitor since they are put in control of where to proceed on the webpage. The visitor is in control of where he or she would like to browse, as a result of the tacky scrolling menu.


  1. Speed

How Much time can you believe you have to create a fantastic impression with a possible client? You just have 3 sec to win the user.

People in research done by Akamai and Gomez.com, 50 percent of consumers expect that if they click on a website, it must load in 2 sec or less and they will leave a site if it requires three or more seconds to load.

But when the plan is indeed data-heavy it takes too much time to download, you might be losing plenty of earnings because of no one sticking around to look at your website.

What all this signifies is that as websites will need to load quicker, so does internet design have to prioritize speed throughout the design procedure. Web designers can not simply depend on the programmer to turn their work into something which will both look nice and rank well — rate should be a style parameter.


  1. Animation

Even though not just a new trend, an animation is an evergreen individual, also with every forthcoming year, both the designers and technology themselves are becoming better at working with it.

Especially, I expect a greater union between content and animation, with conceptual animation used to exemplify procedures, journeys and merchandise evolutions (e.g. the under “conveyor belt” revived analogy to get a website design firm that targets small to the medium company ).

Static website with animated panels, developing animation literacy among web designers signifies that we expect everything from animated backgrounds using parallax effect, through to animated blot consequences, being layered to make a cohesively engaging website with lots of moving components. The mix of animated text along with the animated tablet computer for the square space homepage is a fantastic illustration of this.

  1. Dramatic typography

Greater dramatic typography lets you set your new identity and offers you an opportunity to boost the content expertise for your customers.

Consider increasing the font size to find a dramatic impact, or comparison the font color with that of its environment. Generally, restrict fonts to 2 types per website page as to not divert traffic from the conversion objective.

As an Instance, Outbrain employs large fonts in their landing page which draw instant attention the moment you arrive on the webpage.

  1. Mobile First

Speed is not just the solo ruler that Google was using to quantify websites. In 2015, mobile searches overtook background searches complete, making search the maximum search form globally. In accord with this, Google has changed which websites they index — they currently prioritize mobile sites over websites which are not mobile friendly.

With mobile-friendly websites taking Priority from desktop websites, it is no surprise that mobile-first layout has now become a trend. Mobile first website design is all about changing the way that websites were created basically. The standard was that a website would only be made for a desktop computer or notebook computer along with a mobile-friendly or mobile responsive layout may be used also. Mobile first layout does just the reverse: it begins with designing the website for the mobile user at first before developing a variant that will work for a desktop user.

Again, this drive toward Mobile first layout is not just based on rank variables or SEO. The visual Result is something which will first and enhance the consumer’s experience Together with the website on the apparatus they will most probably be looking from. This layout trend is fulfilling the requirement that cellular consumers are requiring and will probably be the tendency for a very long time to come.


Avani Shah is a Marketing Manager at Template Trip. She is a resident of India. Avani is also experienced In designing Prestashop Responsive Themes, Mega Shop Woocommerce Responsive Theme, WordPress Ecommerce Themes, Open Cart Themes. She also likes to share her thoughts, on SEO, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development.

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