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7 Top Tips for A Website Designer to Build Great Websites

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webdesigningWebsites are essential tools for businesses. Whether the site is big or small, personal or company owned, it has become an integral part of branding and marketing. Creating a website is easy nowadays especially since web designers are available to help you. Everyone can be a web designer though even if web designing is not as easy as most people think. Nevertheless, following the 7 tips about designing a great website below will surely make your site a standout among the sea of websites online.

Know the purpose of your site

Each website online has a purpose. It can be an online shop, a site that is a source of information, interaction or forum, or it could be an entertainment site. By knowing the purpose of your site, you can easily identify the elements that you need when building it.

If it’s a shop, then design it in a way where clients will easily identify that you are selling things. Put a cart symbol as a button where customers can press if they want to buy a particular product or service. Get a navigation button to group items.

Get inspiration from other websites

If you really find designing a site quite tricky, then you can simply check out online for websites that you like and draw inspiration from them. Web designing is an evolutionary process. You can take parts and bits of sites that you like and try to assimilate them together to make your own site. Just find the appealing designs and try to imitate and improve it basing on your website’s design approach.

Identify your target market

Identifying the target clients of the website is important, and most designers forget to take this into account. Getting to know who your clients are and designing the website depending on their needs, likes, wants, and a bunch of other factors will not only hasten your site’s deployment, but it will also make your choice about colors, layouts, arrangements, and other things easier.

If your target patrons are older people, then you might want to choose a bigger size of the font. If the target clients are young teenagers, then perhaps a colorful scheme which is on trend is the best choice. Every market has its own needs and including these needs in the web designing process will be very critical.

Make use of visual hierarchy

In the world of designing, visual hierarchy is defined as the presentation of elements in a way that importance is being implied. This hierarchy or system influences what you see. In simple terms, this means that important items should be placed in areas of the sites where one pays attention most of the time.

There is actually a pattern for this, and it is identified as the reading pattern. When reading, you will usually read from left to right and then top to bottom. Using the pattern, you can assume that the most attention will be on the top-most left of the website, and web designing masters will usually take advantage of this by putting important elements like a sign-up button on this spot.

Use fonts that are easy to read

Font’s style and size can be quite tempting to use, but you should be careful when using them. There are so many to choose from, and yet just a handful of these fonts are suitable to use. These font styles are suitable because they are easy to read on the web. Usually, fonts from the Sans-serif family are used. Sans-serif fonts are quite stylish, and they have a modern look. Some examples of Sans-serif fonts are Arial and Verdana. The majority of web designing gurus also advice to use 16px for font sizes, and as much as possible use only 3 types of fonts and sizes to make your site great looking.

Keep the site clutter free

Posting a lot of things in the site can be detrimental to its design.  This may distract potential clients. Post only what is important, and if you are using images, make sure they are of the best quality. Do not make your site very complicated and take the opportunity to take advantage of whitespace or negative space. Give your site a breathing space so as not to overwhelm the people checking the site.

Build a site that is readable on any device

This is another area to consider when designing a website. In the past, you can just access the internet by using personal computers. However, it is possible now to get online by using a wide variety of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops among others. Make sure that your web designing path will have the flexibility to cater to people who prefer to use mobile devices than personal computers. This will make your website accessible to a lot of people.

There you have it! These 7 expert-endorsed tips of web designing will surely make your designing task a lot easier and efficient at the same time.

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Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc


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