Top 5 Technologies That Will Assist You on Your American Holiday

Rapid advancement and growth of the Internet technology has brought in a considerable amount of change with its impact on the travel and tourism industry. It is now exceptionally easy for travelers to stay connected with each other even on a tour and thus ensuring a travel experience that is significantly better than ever. By blending travel and technology together many companies are developing products for the travel companies that will enable them to provide the most enjoyable travel experience to travelers. Below is top 5 technologies that will assist you on your American holiday.

Travel search engines 

This particular tool is simply great and can easily be considered as the most effective travel technology product. This has resulted in a significant change in the way tourists used to plan their trips and are extremely efficient for finding preferred destinations and route plans for a perfectly organized travel experience. It helps you in finding perfect destinations to travel in the United States at the comfort of your home or even your hotel room.

Group Travel Solutions

Group Travel Solutions are also very popular products for ability to empower a group of travelers in the USA to connect and interact on a mobile platform. The system is quite simple and comprehensive and has a number of potential benefits for the customers like interactive tour guidance, visual references, and exploring social networking sites and also to maintain post travelling communication


This well-known travel application gives you a chance to look for air transport ticket and make lodging arrangements, restaurants and book attractions spots that you want to visit. The application likewise offers data of town rentals, inns, vacation destinations and other useful amenities. It’s additionally accessible to over 35 million explorers hence making ones travel to a large country like the US a bit easier to navigate on. In keeping with the high demand for online bookings and reservations, the hotel industry with cooperation with TripAdvisor application service is offering a whole range of solutions. For example, customers can find expansive information on a single screen including star category, preferred hotels/chains, and search based on budget.

Enterprise solutions

Enterprise solutions are always the primary focus of the Travel Technology Consulting companies and they always intend to provide their clients with enterprise solutions to improve their packages. At the same time they gives the travelers a chance to plan their itinerary in their own personal way by connecting with the best service providers and negotiating for the best prices.


This very cool and increasingly popular community-based traffic and navigation app offers real-time re-routing based on how fast other Waze users nearby are going, as well as turn-by-turn GPS navigation and cheapest gas on your route. By joining forces with other Waze drivers nearby (about 30,000 million total), you can outsmart traffic, save time, gas, money, and contribute to the common good by improving everyone’s commute and reporting accidents, hazards, police and other events you see on the road. Now, you can also meet up and coordinate with friends on the road, meet up, pick up friends, share your drive and ETA, and see who’s headed to your destination.

Now you received your Australian Visa and you are going to visit Australia on a short notice, be sure that your smartphones have these apps as these will help you out a lot in reaching your destination “without getting lost”!

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