Top 5 tablets under 100 Dollar: Must buy

If you are planning to buy any tablet, then you will take into consideration many factors related to the price. It will be very difficult for us to go for expensive tablets as we don’t have a sufficient amount for it. You can find many tablets under 100 dollar. You can go for cheap tablets as cheap tablets are attractive and help us in our daily use. These cheap tablets under 100 dollar will provide you all the basic features like multimedia, games and you can also browse the web easily. Basically, we have listed some cheap tablets under 100 for you which you can easily buy in many mobile stores. You can also use these cheap tablets under 100 dollar for gifting them to your friends.

HiSense Sero7 LT

This is a cheap tablet under 100 dollar for you and will be available under 100 dollar. It has a big 7 inch screen with a big HD display, which will be helpful for you to enjoy the video. The internal memory of this Hi Sense tablet is 4 GB which will help you to store many video and audio files easily. This tablet is one of the most famous and best tablets under 100 dollar.

Fuhu nabi Jr

This tablet is mainly for children to play games and watch videos. This tablet is very famous among the children of various ages. It has a 5 inch screen with the latest features which attracts the customer.  It runs on the Android operating system and supports all the android applications. You can use the 1.4 MP camera of this best tablet under 100 dollar to click decent photos.

Visual Land prestige 7L

This tablet has a 7 inch screen with 4 GB internal memory. It has a good screen resolution and long battery which will give you more time to use this tablet. These tablets are the best tablets under 100 dollar. It runs on Android OS and supports Wi-Fi connectivity for the faster internet service. You will be enjoying the video calling on this best tablet under 100 dollar as this tablet has an HD display.

D2 Pad 712

If you are looking for cheap tablets with slim design, then you should go for this tablet. This tablet has a cheap price and 7 a inch screen. You will find some kids friendly features in this tablet while using it. High resolution with high quality speakers makes this tablet on the top tablets under 100 dollar. It has a good RAM Memory with 512 MB.

Emetic genesis Prime EGS004- BL

This tablet has a 7 inch screen with 800 * 480 resolutions. The high quality speaker of this tablet plays clear sound. The RAM memory is 512 MB and the external memory can be expanded easily. It supports all the Android latest and old applications. This is the best tablet under 100 dollar and you should go for it. It consists of powerful process which will save your time along with your money. You can carry this tablet with you as this tablet is not much heavy like other tablets.

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