Qualities the Best Antivirus for Mac Will Possess

Keeping your computer secure is one of the most important tasks for any modern day person. Between the risks of identity theft, data loss, and plain annoyances, modern day malware can ruin your day in any number of ways.

OS X comes equipped with numerous security features designed to protect your computer and data from most issues. The built-in firewall and sand-boxed operating environment goes a long way to preventing problems from impacting the computer itself, however malware developers are constantly looking for exploits and have found a way to bypass the inherent security features of the operating system.

Platform independent languages such as Java and Flash are frequent targets now, due to the “write once, run many” philosophy inherent in these tools.

Here are the qualities the best antivirus for Mac will have.

Active Scan

You want to have a system in place that works without you telling it to. In particular, the best program will automatically check the running processes and any new files that are created by programs on your system. You should only notice the program when something goes wrong, and by that point the antivirus should have already disabled the virus and protected your data.

In addition, it should scan the hard drive on the computer on a regular basis, preferably during a time when you are not using the computer (say at five in the morning.)

Updates Through the App Store

Apple’s App Store is one of the most secure digital stores available at the moment. It is the natural growth of the update mechanism that was available for earlier versions of OS X, now open to the general public with an iTunes like store tacked on. Since Apple checks everything put on the store, you can rest assured that it work without fail and is effective.

Low Memory/Resource Usage

No one likes having a slow computer, especially when the cause for the lack of speed is a tool that is designed to help keep the computer running smoothly. Look for a tool with very low memory requirements, anything less than 256 MB of RAM should give you the performance you need while still keeping your computer secure.

In addition, the best antivirus programs come with the ability to schedule scans to when you are not using the computer. Pick a time that you do not mind the computer being on, and then just walk away.


The best antivirus for Mac OS X will be able to help you protect your data, while keeping its digital hands off of the resources. Be careful when selecting the product, and make use of the built-in tools to find the perfect option for you. The Mac App Store is a perfect place to look, thanks to the reviews and ease of use in updates.

Whatever tool you select, bear in mind the user reviews and be prepared to do a full scan immediately. The antivirus will not be fully effective until it has determined that the computer is secure.

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