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Niche App Development: Every New Idea Needs Custom Applications of Tech

Niche App Development: Every New Idea Needs Custom Applications of Tech

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Niche App Development: Every New Idea Needs Custom Applications of TechThe most popular applications, take Uber for example, are the ones that were able to bring into existence a new concept, and clicked almost immediately with the users. It was not easy bringing this novel concept to the realms of reality, however with some custom-tech and survey, the idea was successfully implemented and made into a half-a-billion dollar company.

During its infancy, even cloud server hosting faced some criticism because of a common virtualized storage that most feared could compromise security. The concept was on the path to extinction even before it was born, until the cloud companies came up with firewall and intrusion detection and made clouds as secure as dedicated servers.

My point is, every new idea needs custom application of technology. The startups that have emerged as the greatest companies are the ones that correctly identified their needs and were able to meet it with custom tech.

Unleash the VR-AR duo

Not many of us are unaware of virtual & augmented reality, which, though different, are often confused and used interchangeably. Pokémon Go is one such application that had garnered all the limelight a few months back. The gaming app wasn’t very different from other games except in an aspect that it allowed users to stroll around in the real-world taking Pokémon as their captives. The most adorned feature of this application was, it displayed little beasts (Pokémon) in the mobile screen so immersed with the real-world as though they were a part of the world we live in.

So, in case you are planning to launch an application anytime soon, and if there is a window of augmenting reality with it, do not refrain from the same.

Keep it unique and private

Ever wondered why Amazon.com, PayPal became hit in such a short time?

Perhaps, the underlying idea was unique and advanced for the age that saw its inception. So, while writing an app, weave it around a model that is unique in itself and has never been heard of before; and if heard, there should be no antecedent instance of its implementation.

Innovative ideas will yield a better return in long run as there are no competitors to tussle with.

Ready. Get set with the tech

Technology today is more advanced, with more tools rolled out overnight, than it was yesterday.

Whether writing codes for a simple Sudoku oran advanced scientific calculator, one cannot escape servers to allow data in and out from the application. With the tech accessible today, you have the choice to configure the server according to the application requirement.

Some modern app-development companies have relied on cloud server hosting, while some have continued to stay glued to dedicated machines. Before committing yourself into a server, experiment with different servers and their Apache settings to see what works best for you.

Converge various spectrums into one

The best on-app experience is delivered when the platform is not constrained with the implementation of only native technology.

Deploying new, separate in-app tools to carry out functions that already exist will only make the application bulkier and slower. Developers can make use of tools that pre-exist in android, or in any other platform they are writing codes for. For example, in case you need to display directions, redirect to google maps. Take the most popular applications with downloads exceeding millions in count; these applications commonly engage utilities of all sort, many of which are pre-configured basic android tools.

Get bots to work

There are no hard and fast rules on what you should deploy and what you shouldn’t. While most companies rely on intuitions as to what will work and what wouldn’t, some carefully work out the requirements with customer surveys and feedback analysis.

Bots are now a cool feature that you shouldn’t tie-down yourself from using. Google assistant is one such example wherein popularity has been attained solely based on the bot’s capability to deliver human-like responses.

Though the ideology with which bots function depends upon how you program them, you could dabble new ways to make applications more exciting and easy to use.

Test before you rest

A great idea may not always yield fruitful results post-implementation. There have been programs that could have been very useful, but instead winded up in trash only because the downsides were too much to bear.

Take for example, Plant Nanny, an app that reminds you to intake water at regular intervals and helps keep you hydrated for better immunity. Sounds like a great concept, right? Unintendedly, the intermittent alarms that Plant Nanny sent out annoyed users to the extent that most uninstalled it from their phones. Though, that did not stop Plant Nany from hitting a million download bar, the uninstallation did bring down the number of active users.

Application UI/UX

How much time are you willing to spend learning an app that downloads movies? Not a second, apparently.

An application life cycle comprises the User Interface & User Experience. Why this dichotomy? While User Experience is more of an analytics-based genre, the user interface is responsible for displaying the overlaying functionality that interacts with the user. No matter how tedious the underlying tasks are, the icons should be intuitive and self-explanatory. All robust applications have a straightforward interface with icons clearly explaining their underlying utility.


At the start, all business-ideas sound noble, and it is only after the idea has been made into a real business that the problems emerge. Even today, there exists no pre-defined set of rules that could pave way towards a blooming startup.

However, companies that cheer their glasses of success with champagne, have one thing in common – carvinga niche by custom-testing and executing varied tech for their business.

There are more such informative blogs for you to read all about shared, dedicated, and cloud server hosting, and how you can set up one without any trouble. Do not forget to pay them a visit here.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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