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10 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs In 2021

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10 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs In 2021

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Looking to make your blog more beautiful and responsive in the fresh year? You have clicked on just the right article! WordPress themes are layouts for websites which are modified according to the type of the website. WordPress is one of the most used CMS for blogging, e-commerce or a business.

It is very necessary for food bloggers to use the right template which looks attractive and appealing as well as relevant to their niche. If you apply a formal, business look theme to your dessert food blog, it holds no relevance and it is just going to switch the reader to the next website.

Presently, WordPress offers thousands of different templates for all kinds of websites but if you are a food blogger and want just the template for your blog instead of searching through the overwhelming numbers, we have listed 10 best WordPress themes you could use in 2021 whether you are starting a food blog or giving your current website a fresh look.

1. Lahanna:

This is a beautiful theme and very aesthetically pleasing. The theme is available in three different versions so you can pick whichever suits your aesthetics. The template allows you to edit every element easily and you can put up your recipes in an organised manner, because of its large- image import feature. You can change colours and fonts, add images and the company logo. The template loads fast so the user is not kept waiting and also in this way, your predicted quality score also increases which is therefore good for your SERP.

2. Food hunt:

This theme is perfect for food bloggers as well and restaurant websites. This template comes with striking, eye-catching colours which will suit your food blog if you write about fast- foods, different cuisines or even if you run a pizza place! It features automatic adjustment for your website if viewed on a smartphone or a tablet. You can create on-site menus and add articles with high- quality images.

3. Cookely:

We found this template’s name very cute! Just like the name, its appearance is also warm and simple. Perfect if you have a dessert food blog or a baking blog. The homepage provides a lot of space to add your blog story along with attractive pictures. Following this, promotional features like newsletter sign up or membership form is also available. You can customise this template starting from colour palettes to editing finer details also. It has a unique feature of grid- list layout. You can easily add recipes and articles in this polished template.

4. Foodica:

This theme is so aesthetically minimalist. A very professional theme for food bloggers who publish large contents in various categories. It has six colour palettes you can choose from. A slider carasour on the homepage allows you to add appealing pictures to grasp your readers attention. If you want to add recipes, congratulations, this theme comes with automated recipe layouts so you just have to add the ingredients list and the procedure. Experiment with colours and fonts to design your website according to your choice of style.

5. Recipe press:

Recipe press template comes with bright, striking colours perfect for a food and recipe blog website. Designed specially for posting recipes, this template allows single as well as advanced recipe search. Readers can comment, rate and share your posts with the social sharing feature available. A highlight of this particular template is that it comes with different homepage layouts. You can add your blog story or a picture of your recipe. If you have various contributors there is a separate section that can be added to display them.

6. Good food:

If you are looking for a graceful and neat design, this is just the template your blog needs! Best suited for food blogs with a magazine alongside. For recipes, features like instructions ingredients, chefs note et cetera can be added. Using woocommerce, you can sell your merchandise. Good food template comes with beautiful event schedule cards in case you are hosting a cooking event or a live session. A very interesting highlight of this template is that it offers a translation feature so if a reader from another country, speaking another language wants to view your website, your content is translated. Good food is an elegant way you can start your blog in 2021.

7. Daily dish:

Daily dish theme gives us an elegant experience. The theme is a modern design perfect for luxurious and high-class food content, articles or merchandise. It works perfect when viewed on the mobile phone giving it an organised layout. Plenty of content and images can be added along with a sidebar with newsletter signup option. If you are looking for something premium, this is the website to complete your look.

8. Food recipes:

Food recipes theme can be specially used if you are a cooking expert. This template is a search engine optimised assisting your SERP. It is available in four skin colours and five slider layouts. Plenty of widgets and custom colour palettes are available. You have the opportunity to add high-quality, mouth watering images of your dishes on your homepage.

9. Cookiteer:

Cookiteer comes with a sleek and spectacular design. If you want to upgrade your food blogs into a professional website this template is what you need. Perfect for chefs and food bloggers who are looking to upgrade their blog into a premium one. This template comes with a homepage slider along with call to action features. You can also easily incorporate e-commerce options in this template using woocommerce supporters that works extremely well with this template.

10. Sabroso:

Sabroso is a wonderful theme! This template is suitable for food bloggers who are highly active and constantly updating their content. It comes with unlimited colours, social sharing features and technical support. You can choose between 9 homepage layouts and add your logo on three locations. This theme provides translation and is very mobile friendly.

The takeaway:

You can always experiment with more fresh designs and templates whenever you look for updating your website. It is important to know what features are available from a template. Check out these 10 amazing food blog templates and start your new years with a fresh, modern look!

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