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How to Increase your website sales with these lesser-known Psychology Hacks?

How to Increase your website sales with these lesser-known Psychology Hacks?

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How to Increase your website sales with these lesser-known Psychology Hacks?Say you went into a store to buy groceries. Your trolley was half-filled when you heard a child crying at the other end of the store. You leave the cartto pick the kid and take him outside to give him some fresh air. When the kid stops crying, you get into your car, leaving behind the half-filled trolly.

I doubt you faced such a problem in life. And never will. But successful eCommerce websites face this problem a couple of times a day. With an attention span that is less than a goldfish – a human brain is easily distracted from multiple tabs or pop-up or push notifications on their smartphones.

To grab the attention of visitors, you must use some psychology hacks to engage users more mindfully. The rise of neuro-marketing helped marketers increase the conversion rate of websites.

Knowing and understanding human brain psychology can help people click more on the call-to-action button rather than switching the browser or closing your website.

A lot of research has already been done on the subject of psychology and how it impacts the way we buy things online.

After reading this blog post, you’ll exactly know how psychology can impact your user to do business with you?

Some sure-shot, sales-generating psychological hacks:

1. Don’t force them to think

As stated in Cognitive fluency theory, a person prefers to perform simple tasks that require least effort and less brainpower.

A simple website has more chances of conversion rather than a mature site that make the user think, ‘what now?’ Whenever a visitor lands on your website, they look for faster ways to complete the order. No one wants a complex interface.

If it’s now simple, people will not stick to it and they will move away to your competitor website.

A human brain is already dealing with chaos most of the time. The minimalistic design ensures that the website appears to be distraction-free. Organizing the content in an easy-to-read manner will help the new visitor cut-down the chaos going in their brain.

A simple website design will provide two significant benefits. Firstly, it will not annoy the user with complexity. Secondly, in a distraction-free design, it will be easy to grab the attention of the user.

2. Give Fewer Choices

As stated in Hick’s Law, the decision time of a user is directly proportional to the number of available choices. With an abundance of options,the human brain dance like a monkey. The excessive choices confuse the brain, and the mind goes into decision paralysis mode, where it gets even more challenging to choose one thing.

In a study known as “Paradox of choices,” it was made clear that an increased number of choices might increase website visits, but it doesn’t impact the conversion rate. Conversely, if the number of options is reduced, there is a good chance that the conversion rate will increase.

It’s necessary to make clear CTAs so that visitors know correctly what to do when they are willing to buy from you.

3. A Sense of Urgency is a good thing

Urgent situations demand urgent action. Mostly, urgency evokes a feeling of “feeling of missing out,” which makes people do things that they don’t plan to do in the first place. When used smartly, a sense of urgency can push visitors to act.

A scarcity feeling works in favor of urgency that puts visitors on your website in a take it or leaves it situation. And this is where the user picks the safer path typically by placing an order instead of missing out whatever is popular out there.

4. Leading the path of least resistance

A professional New York website development agency ensures that the website is intuitive and easy to navigate. This means that the elements on the website must be placed in such a manner where not much effort is needed to act.

Usually, a user reads the content of the website in an F-shaped pattern. This means that placing the elements from top to left border will maximize the attention. Moreover, placing the most criticalitems along the “F” gives uses the way of least resistance.

What you want are the users to convert? To make it possible, you need to develop a seamless checkout process, minimize the form fields in the checkout page, and remove any unnecessary step in the whole buying process.

5. Leverage human emotion

It’s a smart user economy. What was previously considered as something healthy is now ignored big time. We are talking about using stock photos on your website. When you use stock images, it doesn’t evoke any emotion. Humans tend to look for other humans, on a subconscious level.Use personal imagery to make the visitors feel something.This will drive orders to act.

Say, if a person in the image is looking at the CTA button, it is natural for the visitor to look at the CTA button too.

Happy faces will create satisfied feelings, and users will link happiness with your brand. Even using people’s images in the testimonial can force the visitor to try your brand just because people felt happy using your service.

Finishing it up

Starting a web design business might be easy, but to bring traffic and generate orders is the real deal.

There is no sure-shot formula to success when it comes to bringing traffic and generating leads on your website. But with some help from psychology, the lead generation process can be made accessible. Humans respond to emotions, and when you evoke emotions among people, it gets easy to make them do anything.

Try out these psychology hacks to grab the attention of users. Do A/B testing and see what is working for your brand and what is not working.

Aaron Starc,
Strategist & writer at Branex. Learning photography, and friend of the needy. Animated gifs are my thing.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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