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How to Elevate Your Business Performance with SEO in Covid-19

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In today’s digital era, powerful search engines generate the most traffic for companies during the pandemic crisis. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C marketer, you can use the power of SEO to drive leads 10x faster without a hefty marketing budget. Numerous SEO techniques can enhance your business visibility and ROI amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. To truly sustain your rankings you will need to keep a close eye on the latest SEO trends

However, if you are looking for SEO Secrets that can dynamically impact your SEO campaign and your overall business performance, then you need to focus on the latest industry trends. Let’s have a look below to unveil strategies that help to place a website on the top organic search results.


1.   Focus On Keywords & Search Rankings

When it comes to ranking your website on Google’s top position it is vital to figure out relevant keywords that are searched by the target audience. Keywords play a key part in landing visitors on your website through popular search engines. For this, you will need to consume some time in a research session to identify all keywords that are related to the product or services of your website. If you’re creating a website from scratch, ensure to purchase a domain that matches your targeted keyword. By doing this you can speedily rank your targeted keyword on the leading search engines.


2.   Check Keywords on Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the best tool to compare and search keywords that can bring in more leads. It is a free tool that website creators frequently use to learn about the demand for keywords. Simply create a Google AdWords account, to identify keywords that are often searched by your target audience effortlessly. Keyword Planner Tool will showcase your search volume of keywords that are searched by your target audience over Google.


3.   Perform Competitor Analysis

No one can ignore the significance of competitor analysis to rank a website speedily over the search engine. No matter if you are a startup or large enterprise, you will need to research your competition to get the best results. For this make sure to leverage incognito windows to avoid tailored results. Once you sign out from your Google account, ensure to search each keyword separately in the incognito windows. Don’t forget to watch out for the number of google ads on popular keyword search results to get a crystal clear idea of the existing competition.

4.   Create Short & Unique Title

Make sure to create a unique title for every page of your website. This is because the search engine displays the title of the page on the top results. The title of the page will tell the audience what the page is about. The title is the best place to target high volume keywords as they describe the content of the particular page. Keep your title short by using the first 50–60 characters only that is relevant to searches. The lengthy title is automatically cut off by google so don’t waste your time in creating a title above 60 characters.


5.   Add Appropriate Meta Descriptions

Descriptions should be catchy and easy for the targeted audience to read. It plays a lead role to affect the mind of people as well as rank your site. By placing keywords accurately in the description of every page, you can show up your targeted products or services in search engine results. Ensure to create Meta descriptions of 155–160 characters to fulfill the requirement of Google. After creating a description work on headers as it helps people to quickly find content. Include relevant keywords in the header, from <h1>The Most Important keywords</h1> to <h6>the least important keywords</h6>.


6.   Build an Appropriate Structure

As the website has many pages, it is vital to structure it appropriately. Ensure your website pages are easily accessed by search engine bots and targeted audiences through a well-organized web structure. When your website has a proper structure visitors can easily navigate and accomplish their goals. Make sure search engine bots can reach any page of your website flawlessly from the home page to services pages. In case your website pages are not reached by users and search engine bots by manually typing, they will not show up on Google or any search engine.


7.   Submit a Proper XML Sitemap

By using free sitemap generating websites, you can create and submit a proper site map of all the web pages. Use the Google Search Console tool for submitting the XML sitemap. Once you sign in to Google Search Console, you can select your website from the sidebar to add an XML sitemap. You can also use a plugin to submit a sitemap of a blogging site. If you want to remove outdated or invalid sitemaps, click on submitted sitemaps. Don’t forget to crawl the sitemap after you add it to Google Search Console.


8.   Add a Blog Section

Blogging is an effective technique to increase web page visibility and traffic for a higher ranking in Google. No matter if you want to improve your search engine ranking or want to drive more visitors, ensure to add a blog section to post compelling content over it. By sharing interesting and easy to read blogs regularly you can target more keywords in the text section with a hyperlink to your product or service page. It will boost the readership of your page as well as improve the ranking over Search Engine.


9.   Leverage Effective SEO tricks

Once you aced the steps shared in the above passage then you need to identify SEO tricks that can help you to rank higher on Google. Unfortunately, many site owners are unaware of the newest SEO tricks and techniques that help to get their keywords higher up the ranking. As popular search engines like Google frequently update their algorithms, it is imperative for website owners to keep a close eye on the newest SEO trends. If you want to enhance the flow of visitors to your website then you must leverage effective SEO techniques.


10.                Create User-Friendly Content

Many people create content that is appropriate for search engines not for users. This is the biggest mistake they do as search engines value user-friendly content. User-friendly content would not only attract your targeted audience but also meet the goggle requirement to rank your site higher. Take every measure to create content that real visitors enjoy. If you included something in your website page that doesn’t entertain the user, delete it. Don’t forget to check your content over grammar checker tools to enhance their readability.


11.                Opt For Responsive Design

In today’s tech-driven world it is crucial for website owners and marketers to create a responsive website that can appeal to both mobile users and casual browsers. As a vast array of audience land on a website via new-age gadgets like phones and tablets, it is necessary to create a responsive website for the target audience as well as the search engine. Ensure to check your website logo design on different sizes of the screen to offer an improved experience to users. By doing this you will not only satisfy search engines but also elevate your business performance to the next level.


12.                Generate Powerful Links

For this, you will need to make contacts with blogging communities that are working in your field. One of the best ways is to ask for links directly against valuable informative content on trendy news, technology, fashion essentials, health advice, or any topic as per the requirement of the respected blogger. Don’t forget to include worthwhile information in your blog to convince the audience and build a strong presence over google with discoverable links. Whether you want to write a fashion blog or news, do keep in mind to create unique content that no one else has shared before.


13.                Build Your Domain Authority

The domain authority of a website is one of the most effective ways site owners can improve ranking over the search engine. In the past few years, Google has given great importance to the domain authority of a website. It is seen that the higher your domain authority is, the higher you will rank over the search engine. If you want to receive more and better web traffic then you must improve the domain authority. Domain authority is the fastest way to evaluate the SEO efforts of a website. Moreover, it also allows site owners and marketers to compare the strength of their website with their competition.


14.                Separate SEO from SEM

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a paid way to enhance visibility over popular search engines through a pay-per-click advertisement. SEO is an organic way to showcase your website over search engine higher results. If you want to rank higher over search engines then you must follow the effective SEO strategies that are recommended by Google. Furthermore, you can connect with an SEO consultancy to make the most of this digital marketing strategy. If you want to hire an SEO expert instead of a digital marketing consultant then you need to put some more effort.


15.                Hire an SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization professionals help businesses to elevate the performance to rank their website speedily over google even in Covid-19. If you want your customers can find your website more easily over the search engine, then you must hire an SEO expert. Ensure to opt for one that has a vast working knowledge and experience of the industry you are belonged to. An experienced SEO specialist will improve your website ranking as well as ROI with no regret. Or else you will miss a great chance to enhance the popularity of your business over google in a proven manner.


16.                Attend A SEO Conference

Believe it or not, business conferences provide you a hands-on opportunity to meet with companies and freelancers that have years of SEO experience. By attending a digital marketing conference you are likely to find someone with in-depth SEO experience in your industry. One of the best ways to attend an SEO conference in your area is to join a professional network like LinkedIn. By doing this you will not only connect with SEO professionals of your industry but also keep a close eye on new events and opportunities related to digital marketing.


17.                Discuss Link Building Strategy

Once you landed over an SEO conference, ensure to build relationships with digital marketers and content producers that active in your industry. Discuss their link building strategy to elevate your site SEO by following effective strategies. It is noticed that people who use outdated SEO methods not only miss the opportunity to create links that are relevant to their products but also penalize their websites. This will help you understand effective SEO strategies in-depth as well as drive more website traffic through higher ranking over Google.



18.                Keep Your Content Updated

During a pandemic, it is vital for site owners and digital marketers to update their website content at regular intervals. A well-written article on trendy topics has the potential to attract more traffic. This lets search engines figure out trendy content on your site for placing your keywords on higher ranking. In addition, it will appeal to your website visitors to visit your website for the latest information. This makes your website more attractive to link marketers as well so that you can get paid for the advertisement of other businesses on your website.



Getting on the first page of Google can be a challenging task for newbie business owners and marketers. However, by learning and implementing the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks and techniques anyone could easily rank their website higher on the search engine. Usually, site owners and marketers need to update the site’s design and content as per the requirement of the search engine to improve their site visibility. There are numerous Google algorithms and factors in which you need to keep a close eye to list your site on the first page of search engine results. Effective SEO strategies can help you to increase your website rankings and business performance during the pandemic as well.

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