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How to Choose the Best WordPress Developer for Your Project

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Developer for Your Project1In the current virtual world, a website can be called a mandatory aspect of you. You may be a business or a professional or a blogger who wants to create your virtual identity. Irrespective of what you are, having a website is the start point of building your digital presence. Though there are many simple ways of creating a website on your own i.e. the DIY style, it is suggested to choose a dedicated WordPress developer for the same. The making of a website is a conglomeration of many technical and creative aspects. All may not have the expertise and skill. That’s why you need professional support.

However, the introduction of WordPress has made building websites quite easy. The platform offers a lot of prompts based on the user’s requirement and a reasonably tech-savvy person can build his/her website on WordPress.

Wondering why need a professional when you can create a website, using simple tips and tricks??? So, here are some key reasons why you need WordPress development services:

1. A website is not just for your digital presence but it is that platform that helps you build your digital brand image. That’s the reason a lot of SEO elements must be incorporated while building a website. Though you may not feel it necessary now, at some point you will hit a black spot. That’s because WordPress is for those who have zero/less knowledge about website coding.

2. When you are doing website development your way, you may not be able to use certain tools as you are unaware of the same. However, a dedicated WordPress developer would know all the aspects of designing the website. Thus, you can be sure of the quality of the work. These professionals are also capable of infusing elements into the website based on the business model or purpose of the website.

In addition, to the above-mentioned two major benefits, hiring a professional service has more benefits too. Thus, it is loud and clear that hiring WordPress development services prove to be a boon. So, now that it is clear, the next step is to focus on how to get a dedicated developer?

Best Tips to Choose Expert WordPress Developer

1. Define your need

How to Choose the Best WordPress Developer for Your Project1The thumb rule while acquiring any service is to define,” Why do you need a developer, and what do you expect from him?” Thus, start the journey by first jotting down your requirements. In other words, if you started working on your website, then what stage is it at?? If you haven’t, then do you have any specifications of how it should look? You also need to figure out what is the overall goal of the website. In other words, each website would have a different purpose like a blogger’s goal is more hits, for a business, it is conversions, etc. Lastly, how much time and money are you ready to spend on the professional service? Sometimes you may need a website immediately or would have a lesser budget. Define these parameters too for an easy further course of action.

2.    Search the right way

Once you are clear with your expectations, it’s time to find WordPress development services that match the requirement. Freelance professionals and agencies offer these services. Once you decide on your expectations, the next step is to find a service provider the right way. There are many agencies and professionals out there, therefore, you need to be a little careful to ensure that you choose the right person. Thus, you can start your search with an online search from reliable sources like UpWork or can ask for referrals.

3. Evaluate the work and skillset

Once you get some names to check with, the next step is to talk to them and understand their skill set and abilities. In other words, check the service provider’s previous work. When we say checking, it means asking the service provider to share previous works. A detailed run-through of the previous works with an understanding of the previous projects handled will help you analyze whether he/she is capable of taking up your project. If you are looking at a freelancer, then having a look at the individual’s skill set is also a matter of consideration. Looking at a developer’s skill set will help you know whether the person is capable even if the previous is less and not up to the mark. You can also try speaking with a previous client to understand whether the service provider actually walks the talk.

4. Evaluate the style of working:

Once you are sure that the service provider is capable of delivering the website as per your expectation, the next thing to check on is the style of working. Every assignment or work must be done within the deadline. You may also have set a deadline for the website. Therefore, gauge how serious and committed the service provider is to meeting deadlines. Ask how busy the dedicated WordPress developer is. This is necessary to be clear of when the website will be done. Secondly, When we speak of the style of working, check on how transparent the service provider is. You definitely would want to have someone who updates you on a regular basis on the advancements of the work, and communicates if he/she has a concern in implementing the work assigned. This is necessary for the smooth implementation of the work. See whether the service provider has a project deliverability plan.

5. Budget-friendly

How to Choose the Best WordPress Developer for Your Project1Just like the quality of work, you would also have defined the parameters of the budget. See if the service provider is capable of fitting into your budget. Look for a person who is capable of working on different budgets.

6. Understanding:

It is a known fact that you would not know the details of website development. Therefore, you would be filled with questions and doubts. Therefore, when you are looking for WordPress development services, ensure you look for a service provider who is open to listening to your concerns, is professional enough to explain to you, and thereby lets you also have a good time while the journey of the website development.

7. Maintenance:

How to Choose the Best WordPress Developer for Your Project1Websites are long-term assets. A website once created needs to be maintained and updated at regular intervals. Therefore, check with your service provider whether he/she would offer that service too. if yes, what would be the charges, and how frequently the same would be done. Some service providers offer maintenance services on a monthly retainer model. This includes checking the backlinks, updating the website with the latest updates, and more. Thus, based on the goal of your website you can decide whether you need external support for maintenance or can do it by yourself.

Following the above points, you can be sure of finding a dedicated WordPress Developer. Once you have one on board, you need to have a structured approach to website development. So, now we discuss the process flow of the Website.

1. Introduction:

Once the service provider is on board, have a detailed meeting to explain your expectation. Let the service provider ask you questions and you as the website owner share all your vision and goal from the website. This will help the service provider to make a suitable and practical action plan.

2. Plan of action:

Once the introductory meeting is done, it’s time for you to ask the service provider to give you the action plan. This would include how the service provider plans to make your expectation a reality. Once the service provider gives you the action plan, ensure that you go through it thoroughly and are absolutely clear about it. Share your concerns before the service provider starts working on the project.

3. Breakup with deadlines:

Once the action plan is approved or agreed upon, it’s time to break the whole plan into pieces with deadlines. The breakup depends on how long the overall project would take for completion. This is the service provider’s job. Having a break-up avoids you panicking about what’s going on at work and also reduces the probability of you constantly checking about work

4. Review:

Based on the short deadlines, ensure to conduct reviews. This is necessary to avoid shocks or surprises at the final stage. Check and review at every stage of website development. This will avoid bigger errors and will ensure that there is less reworking. When you get to the review meeting, ensure to have the points of the main agreement and compare them with the developments.

5. Closure:

Once the service provider delivers the website as per the understanding, it is time to check the work and close the project. Try logging into the website from all possible gadgets to ensure that the website is a laptop, mobile, and another gadget-friendly website. Once you are sure that the website has been delivered as per your expectation, you can call the project done.

The above is a basic process flow that can be tweaked as per your and the service provider’s understanding.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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