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How Do I Rank On Google? – Top 10 Tricks To Make Your Way Into The Top 10

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google-ranking-factorsRanking at the top 10 list of Google is every website owner’s dream. But only a few achieve this dream to come true. This clearly shows that hoe difficult it can be some time to websites to rank themselves with organic traffic at Google. But those who do not surely miss out something that they should know about. Though there are techniques to have your goal achieved, one thing has to be clear in mind, just act normal and don’t try to rank. When you aim just to make your website look good, then it will look good and automatically will be listed. But working on the goal of ranking may not beneficial at the start.

Top 10 Ranking Techniques for Google in 2020

1. A Secure and Accessible Website

Undoubtedly, this is one thing that deserves the number one spot on our list. Without the right URL, no website would be able to even make it in Google’s list of millions of results. To be exact, the URL of your website has to be comfortable, which Google’s bots can reach and slither easily.

As it were, Google must have the option to visit the URL and take a gander at the page substance to check what that page is about. To enable the bots to check your page, you’ll need:

  • A site made with an all-around coded web designer
  • A robots.txt document that reveals to Google where it can and can’t search for your site data
  • A sitemap that rundowns every one of your pages
  • In case you are running a WordPress site, you can set up a sitemap through Yoast SEO. And if that’s not it, then you can utilize an online sitemap generator.

2. Page Speed (Mobile + Desktop Page Speed)

Think of clicking a site and then waiting for it to open like forever, what will you do? Pretty sure, you would close the website after a few seconds. This is why page speed is considered as the primary factor in SEO positioning. Google reported that an internet searcher calculation update concentrated on versatile page speed that began to influence the landing pages from July 2018. If your site doesn’t remain quick on cell phones, at that point, it could face some severe problems.

3. Versatile Friendliness

Considering the friendliness of Google regarding the different devices, the device’s portability is an important factor in SEO positioning. A higher number of users use cell phones than Desktop to get to the web, while some may use tablets as well. This is one explanation there’ve been changes in how Google positions list items.

4. Domain Age, URL, and Authority

Information from an Ahrefs investigation of 2,000,000 pages recommends that not many destinations, not exactly a year old accomplish that positioning. Now and again, space name matters. Even though Google has punished particular match areas, that punishment is for the most part for nasty destinations with slight substance.

An examination from Moz demonstrates that precise match areas that are regarded to be significant, relevant, and high-calibre can see a positioning lift as a result of it. In any case, if you as of now have a setup site, then you don’t have to go searching for a perfect match space for your business. As you’ll see, that is typically a blend of extraordinary substance and off-page SEO signals like inbound connections and social offers. Furthermore, because of E-A-T, it can likewise incorporate the authority of the substance’s maker.

Moz has classified this into page authority and area authority scores, and both positioned from 0 to 100, which disclose to you how likely a specific page or space is to rank in query items. You can check space authority or page authority using the Open Site Explorer. Just add your URL into the on-location search box, and you’ll get a report demonstrating space authority, page authority, built up joins, and new connections.

5. Frequently Updated Content

Who likes old dusty cliché words again and again? That is because it’s one of the most significant elements in Google’s positioning factors. Try to keep your content updated regularly so that whenever the Google bots appear at your site to check its status, it finds something new in it and just Amaze it!

6. Specialized SEO

If you wish to have your page identified and get better rankings by Google bots faster, then you getting the code right is extremely necessary. This can be scary, particularly in case you’re to a higher degree a scribe and to a lesser extent a “nerd.” Here is a portion of the viewpoints you can control regardless of whether you’re not a coder:

  • Add catchphrase phrases in page titles, which is the place Google first hopes to figure out which substance applies to which search
  • Use header labels to show content pecking order beginning with your title at h1 and afterwards use h2 or h3 for subheads
  • Create a meta portrayal that both tempts visitors and incorporates your catchphrase expression
  • Keep those meta portrayals short and appealing at around 160 characters
  • Use catchphrase phrases in picture alt labels to show how those pictures are pertinent to the principle content
  • Include alt labels additionally help individuals who are outwardly impeded make the most of your site with screenreaders
  • Use pattern markup to mention to Google what sort of substance you’re creating

7. Client Experience

For some time presently, Google’s been utilizing human-made brainpower to all the more likely position website pages. This incorporates different signs that influence your internet searcher positioning. These include:

  • Click-Through Rate: the level of individuals who snap to visit your site after a passage comes up in query items
  • Bounce rate (particularly pogo-staying): the number of individuals who click on your page and rapidly return to the query items
  • Staying time: to what extent guests remain on your site after they’ve shown up

If individuals land on your site, don’t care for it, and rebound away, at that point, Google will believe it’s not applicable to their requirements. On the off chance that enough individuals do this, at that point, you may think that it’s progressively hard for your site to rank higher in query items.

This is likely a decent pointer that your substance isn’t coordinating the searcher’s plan. You may need to return and focus on a progressively successful watchword. Interestingly, if individuals navigate to your website page and stick around for some time, that discloses to Google, your substance is pertinent to their hunt. So when you streamline titles, depictions, and content to get the snaps and convey an incentive on the opposite end, you can support your web crawler positioning.

8. Connections Using Link Types

As we said toward the beginning, the web is based on joins. Along these lines, usually, joins are a vital SEO positioning sign. There are three types of links that work at Google. These are:

  • Inbound links
  • Outbound links
  • Internal links

Every one of the three is usually attached to an elucidating stay text. Affiliating sites play a major role in links. They offer Amazon discount coupon for different products and similarly, different websites link to Amazon as it carries almost everything you could think of.

Inbound Links

To have your content identified as definitive and applicable, this type of link is used by Google. This is done by seeing that at what section of the page a site referred its readers to your website and at what part. In this way, your website will be considered as good enough to be recommended to other users as well and may result in better SERPs. You’ve likely heard inbound links alluded to as “backlinks.” you will probably get the same number of exceptionally legitimate destinations to interface back to you. That additionally implies you need to have not many inbound connections from low-quality spaces.

Outbound Links

Just like a website links your site at their page showcasing relevancy, you have to make quality content for your visitors as well and guiding them to the right place as well. That includes utilizing outbound connections by connecting to pertinent, legitimate destinations in your specialty. But this does not in any way means that you should simply give out vast amounts of outbound connects to support your power.

All it implies is that as you’re doing investigate, you should just draw from dependable sources with high space authority. To be completely forthright, for the wellbeing of your users, you ought to presumably be doing this, at any rate, to guarantee you give the most worth.


If you have a definitive page and connection to another page on your site, that enables your guests to locate the other page and passes on some position. This assists with favouring page support its web index positioning. As you make new substance, make sure to assemble a strong trap of inner connections so your pages can bolster each other. Likewise, remember what we said toward the beginning of this area:

Each of the three sorts of relationships is attached to elucidating stay text. At the point when you add a link to a bit of text in your substance, that text ought to depict where the connection is going!

9. Social and Networking Sites

At the point when visitors share your pages and website on informal communities, that is another sign that it’s essential. Intellectual SEO’s investigation of 23 million offers found an authentic connection between social offers and internet searcher positioning. Example for this is people talking about skincare products and sharing free skincare discount code over the social networking sites, indicating the relevancy and popularity to Google about the specific skincare products.

Although social site links do not act as much as the other link types, they also play a significant role in Google search results.

Keeping in mind that the most ranked pages at Google have a lot of offers. These may be because of a few notable factors:

  • Progressively social proposals create more traffic to the page itself
  • More offers likewise make your substance bound to assemble backlinks
  • Thus, getting increasingly social offers helps your internet searcher rankings.

10. Genuine Business Information

This last tip is significant for organizations focusing on specific surroundings to a website. The closeness or nonappearance of business data is one of the most critical nearby SEO positioning components. So it’s essential to take care of zones like:

  • name, address, telephone number
  • Professional references and links by Google My Business and Facebook
  • Surveys and results at locales and pertinent indexes like Yelp and others
  • The correct similar search terms

That is it! Presently you know the essential SEO positioning variables.

Final Verdict

If you wish to rank on Google, you should remember that while positioning on Google can help dispatch your business to the following level, Google will never be your paying client. Your visitors, then again, may. At long last, as high as your SEO might be, it isn’t the main factor you ought to consider. When that natural traffic lands on your page, you have to change over them. Convert your traffic to generate more revenue and retain your customers.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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