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How AWS and DevOps can be integrated to complement each other

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DevOps is a combination of cultural philosophies, tools, which enhances the process of delivering an application,while cloud computing is about technology and services. Experts say that DevOps and AWS complete each other for the better. It implies that AWS needs DevOps and it ultimately is the modus operandi for IT.

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Typically DevOps is the integration of the development and the operations team. DevOps focuses on implementing Automation testing which simplifies the work of the Operations team which the cloud promotes. When DevOps and cloud are combined they accomplish the business goals on a long term basis. Cloud and DevOps when combined have advantages over the competition. Cloud makes it easy to implement the DevOps services due to its built in abstraction of complexities.

DevOps and Cloud when combined have the power to transform the business goals, as they are mutually exclusive and bound  to go a long way. 

How did it began?

The existing business is expanding the boundaries of companies to adopt more of agile practices to be innovative than concentrating on stability and efficiency. Interruption exists at a unbelievable rate and giant corporates such as Microsoft have no option left but have to match the speed with the  disruption to compete and exist. Organizations need to reduce their workcycles, deploy and deliver frequently. Organizations need to more digital presence else fail to survive in the business.

When implementing Agility in the IT practices, we commonly assume it to be the cloud.  Using cloud services such as AWS, companies can concentrate on building business which adds value as a result of ongoing efforts in their area of expertise.  With AWS cloud computing its bound to increase the speed of the output of the developers.

Organization who are keen on enhancing the productivity and efficiency of developers opt for Cloud computing. It allows better control and monitoring over the components in application specific infrastructure. Cloud tools can help to automate building, managing and provisioning with the help of code and service teams which minimizes the chances of human errors.

DevOps helps developers and operations  team to collaborate with Cloud as a common platform. They can easily adopt the changes and learn from each other, for example, developers can teach the operational team about the code, and the operational team can teach them about infrastructure and security.

The outcome is a well built strong team with improved collaboration.

When DevOps and Cloud are combined together they can help to  transform a business which makes a big impact promoting a meaningful business transformation. Automation and infrastructure as code  when combined with DevOps greatly reduces the complexity thats linked with the cloud, enhances the security and decreases downtime, improves scalability etc.

The significance of DevOps when deploying with AWS

In Business time is money. In legacy computing platforms,  the need for business agility to meet the customer requirements is directly linked with the success of the company. This is where DevOps comes into picture. Organizations that moved to the cloud platform are aware of the importance of the need of speed in delivering business operations. When Cloud operations are linked with DevOps, the result is a powerful combination to efficiently utilize time to maximize business profits.

Organizations have realised the significance of following the DevOps practices and approach for deployment in relevance to AWS with respect to business agility. There exist other advantages of leveraging DevOps for AWS like enhanced scalability, stability, performance, security, high availability etc.

AWS is paired up with certain offerings as a part of its services and solutions to deploy and maintain Infrastructure as a code applications with DevOps. They basically comprises of Cloudformation and Opworks

  • Using CloudFormation it’s possible to build  AWS Resource templates that twirl into working instances as needed.
  • OpsWorks is a DevOps Application Management Service where its possible to deploy applications to the production stage. .

Using CloudFormation, a company can custom build the settings depending on the application and the requirements as that of a AWS resource template which are independent of the organization’s operational needs. It considerably minimizes the time required for application loading. This also increases the portability of the applications to be deployed across various environments.

Using OpsWorks, an organization can set up Amazon EC2 instances called as Stack.  The best practise would be to set up environment for staging and the production environments. The  cloudFormation template can be configured, using built in Puppet configs above the stack. Once tested they are deployed into the production stage without the need of any human interaction. Following this approach it minimizes the wait time and release cycles typically within hours.

Also there is less likelihood of any mistakes creeping in through manual intervention does not exist practically in the deployment process, till blueprints and configurations are test automated and validated in the staging area.

Using a DevOps approach to deploy offers multiple advantages. The most important one being the business agility. Currently organizations are not in a situation to adept industry standards and trends to implement customer requirements. Business agility is a critical aspect for the success of an organization and following DevOps practices to deploy code into the production which is essential.

Relation between AWS and DevOps

Organizations have realised the significance of digital presence to stand in today’s evolving world. DevOps and cloud computing need to be paired up to achieve this transformation. DevOps is all about process and the process enhancement while cloud on the other hands is about services and products. Its significant to understand the relation they share to complement each other to pair up to transform and achieve  business goals.

There exist several ways to define DevOps, while that’s not the purpose of the article. It’s a mutual combination to derive the cloud benefits to DevOps.  

The beauty of cloud is that it can be well integrated into DevOps culture, meaning AWS and DevOps complement each other irrespective of the organization. Regardless of the DevOps path you opt for the digital transformation, cloud computing makes it possible.

Lets see how AWS and DevOps in a combination compliment each other.

  • Organizations which focus on operations implement cloud computing to boost a developer’s efficiency, speed and productivity.
  • Using cloud computing developers have more scope of control over their components, which minimizes the wait times.
  • Using cloud tools to automate, there exists minimal chances of human error.

 DevOps combined with AWS for a successful transformation offers the following benefits.

  1. Delivers application at a faster rate to the market, it streamlines the developer’s process, also has quicker access to the developer environment.
  2. Test Automation and infrastructure as code minimize the cloud complexity and system maintenance.
  3. Enhances improved  security with automated, and repetitive tasks which minimize the occurrence of errors, incorporate security in the initial stages of development.  
  4. Removes the downtime through cloud-based continuous operations. However, through the process of automation, developers build stateless applications thus achieving customer satisfaction.
  5. Cloud is popular for its highly scalable nature. Organizations can scale up or down depending on the need. When AWS is combined with DevOps scalability secures an important space when the apps are developed, thus lowering the cost of infrastructure.





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