Get Adobe CS5 Certified and Take Your Designing Skills to the Next Level

Graphic designing is the rapidly flourishing and expanding field undergoing major technical and creative changes. Getting into the field of graphic designing is easy, but to be successful is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires one to excessively push the boundaries of creativity to get recognition and appraise. When in a designing school, it’s convenient for the people to inspire and get inspired from others in expanding the horizons of one’s creative capacities. But after graduating from the school, one might not be able to always find himself surrounded by those who are in the related field and one might start losing the motivation to excel in the field of graphic designing. It’s extremely important to keep learning new understanding about the designing field and keep updating one’s self about the recent trends prevailing in the professional sphere of graphic designing. Adobe certifications are ideal for graphic designers and getting certified in Photoshop CS5 would pave many paths of success for the graphic designer.

Get Adobe CS5 Certified

Get Adobe CS5 Certified

ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) in CS5:

The ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) in Photoshop CS5 lets the graphic designers demonstrate their skills and proficiency in Photoshop CS5. It’s a widely recognized certification and validates a professional’s skill related to photo editing, graphic designing, web designing, and other related skills. To get ACA certified in CS5, one needs to pass the 9A0-150 exam.

Exam Details:
The exam 9A0-150 will comprise of sixty four questions. The questions will be in a MCQ format. In order to pass the exam, one has to score 74% percent marks otherwise the result will be declared fail and retake will be required. The exam will be taken on a computer and scores will be displayed immediately after completing the exam. After successfully passing the exam, the ACA CS5 certificate will be sent to candidates via email. Candidates can update their profile by logging on to Adobe community. A user account will be required and all additional information must be entered for successful sign up.

Exam Topics:
To pass the exam 9A0-150 one has to be proficient in the given topics:
• Working with layers
• Working with selections
• Utilization of channels and masks
• Working with vector tools and types
• Ability to adjust and process digital images
• Ability to retouch and manipulate images
• Ability to work with Adobe Camera Raw 6
• Paint and filter images
• Working in Adobe Photoshop
• Output for web and print

Exam Preparation:
Those who want to get certified can prepare the above mentioned topics with hands-on experience of working with Adobe CS5 Photoshop. Loads of relevant study materials can be found at Pearson VUE can also be consulted for reviewing and registering for recommended training courses by Adobe. There are many online exam preparation vendors who educate and provide quality exam preparation material for ACA CS5. Adobe community will also be an influential factor in learning essentials and fundamentals of the ACA CS5 exam.

Get registered for ACA CS5:
Those wishing to take the exam 9A0-150 and want to get certified as ACA in Adobe Photoshop CS5 can visit Pearson VUE to schedule and register exam.

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