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Effective Ways to Improve Your Domain & Page Authority

Booast Search Traffic Through SEOMany beginners is SEO field heard a term ‘Domain Authority’ and ‘Page Authority’.  Every single SEO and every webmasters use that word. As it’s a bit clear, you can already get a central idea about it by reading its name. Still, it in essence means how much more site is expected to position higher in search engines in comparison of opponent sites. So, it mainly is a relative metric and not an independent one.

So, growing your Domain Authority & Page Authority loosely means increasing your chances of high ranking in Google.

Now We Are Giving You Few Tips to Improve the Domain & Page Authority of Your Website:


Importance of site dependent/on-site

On site aspects are the most essential ones that can control your site’s ranking abilities and PA & DA. A convenient, user-centric site structure is essential. You should concentrate on on-site optimizations and on-page SEO while keeping user friendly practice in mind.


  • Maintain a clean user-friendly site structure.
  • Use text links widely all over your site.
  • Offer an easy to brown user accessible sitemap.
  • Keep limited keywords on pages.


  • Put into practice a useful internal linking approach.
  • Cut off link diluters.
  • Make your site speedy.


  • Use different main keywords.
  • Keep your permalinks related and little.
  • Block-level optimizes your content.


Importance of content

Generic & high quality content is the spine of every winning authoritative site. Now question is that “What is high quality content?”.  Many people considered long content as high quality content, but now Google suggests that as long as you transport a little new to the table by your content, it’ll be measures as high quality, rather than write something that makes no logic.


  • Investigate and discover what works best in your field.
  • Write something completely unique.
  • Write something very elaborated on a topic.
  • Write Link-bait content.
  • Write ever demanding content.


  • Stretch out to influencers.
  • Promote your content on your every social network.
  • Shoot it in your Email subscribers list.
  • Use paid social media promotion.
  • Make content promotion a daily routine.


  • E mail identified linkers.
  • E mail the best blogs and websites in your field.
  • Outreach aggressively directly suggesting people to link.
  • Examine your opponents’ link profiles and aim linkers.
  • Discover ‘Resource Pages’ related to your content and request for links.
  • Control broken link building to get some extra link love.


Improve Your Domain & Page AuthorityImportance of Social Media!

This is one of the best tool that that give you power to boost your brand and website coverage. With a smart social media strategy, you will be capable to present your content in front of targeted audience, and will get share & like. In that way, you can’t neglect social media en route to increasing the PA/DA of your site.


  • Create your page on popular social media sites
  • Completely manage your profiles
  • Use attractive designs to boost your trustworthiness
  • Sponsor your social existence on your site.

Power of Social Media

  • Add high profile followers.
  • Links to your social profiles from your guest posts on top sites. (for example we are writing this post as a guest blogger for our Godrej Golf Links Greater Noida website)
  • Add followers by leveraging viral or epic topic.


Importance of Branding!

Rising as a strong brand helps with the general process of increasing an authority site. Visitors can without difficulty relate your site to your brand, which in line enhances the amount of returning visitors to your website. So, to be brief, an excellent branding planning will assist with the broadcast of your content in front of bigger viewers. That, in sequence, will facilitate your content magnetize more social shares and powerful backlinks.


  • Use offline marketing strategy.
  • Promote your product on social media.
  • Organize an industry based event.
  • Leverage Re-targeting.


  • Respond to your users’ questions & comments.
  • Host a quiz related to your industry.
  • Run an informative blog that people come back to often.
  • Send a T-Shirt or other goodies to your most active users.


  • Get some industry awards.
  • Get mentioned on top news sites or related magazines.
  • Use trust badges & symbols at the bottom of your site.
  • Control your brand trust to get social shares & likes easily.


Importance of connections!

Increasing excellent connections with the owners of other sites is essential. Individual who have an excellent connection with you are more likely to link to your site in comparison of those who don’t. In that way, a good relationship with owners of the websites or writers can be the decisive factor that will decide whether you will get a link from them or not. At present, as you know, links facilitate make authority. So in that way, excellent relationship with other sites = authority.


  • Share influences’ content.
  • Cooperate with influencers in your place.
  • Congratulate the actually good works by them.
  • Rarely ask them to read & share your write up and give feedback.


  • Build union with associate site owners and writers.
  • Read & share field related content of each other
  • Contribute to each other’s sites.


  • Assist your supporter with something you are strong in and look ahead to the same.
  • Offer strategic help to your supporter.
  • Help your active users unconditionally.


Domain-and-Page-AuthorityYou’ll get a lot of content in many websites that clarifies how you should improve your Domain Authority & Page Authority. Domain & Page authority is important for numerous reasons. It facilitates you to review the overall performance of your site. It also facilitates you evaluate your score to that of contending websites to see where you positioned.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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