Doctrines of web design

Doctrines Of Web Design

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Doctrines of Web Design

If you want a web design that stands out no matter what then you need to keep your user in mind. This is one of the many principles that ensure that the web design you are using is indeed an effective one. Following are some of the most basic principles for effective web design:

  • Don’t make your user panic

Here is a simple fact, if a user is using a website, it is probably because they had a query and they could find an answer for it elsewhere. The job of the webpage they are visiting is to answer their queries and not flame them. Your website should not make the users think. This means it should not require them to open three more webpages only to understand what you are trying to say. Hence, do not make the user panic and do not make them think. Your website should be so clear in content and design that the user does not feel the need to open another webpage just to make sense of what you are saying.

  • Don’t test your users patience

When offering something to a user they need immediately, prefer the service before the information. This means that if they are willing to sign up with you because you are offering something no one else is, do not ruin the impression you just made. Do not ask them for lengthy requirements because it might set you off. No user likes to sit in front of the laptop screen and fill page after page of requirements. Ask them the basic thing and then be done with it. You can even allow them to use your page for a week before any information is demanded. This way they will be able to test the page and then willingly sign up.

  • Entice the user

This is a basic fact that users do not wish to read paragraph after paragraph of almost unnecessary information. The job of your webpage is to entice the user and not set him off. Therefore, use images to attract them but never too much. If you feel like the information the user is demanding requires you to write two long paragraphs, come up with a backup plan. You can make an interesting graph and insert in your webpage as an image. This will immediately make the webpage more attractive and give the users a fun way to learn about something lengthy and boring.

  • Remain simple

The most important principle of web designing is to ensure your approach is simple.  If you complicate your web design too much you will not take more than a minute to set the user off. Keep your ideology and approach as simple as possible. Some of the world’s leading websites are made on plain white backgrounds with minimal text and images. This is how you should establish your site too.

With the above and many other principles your website is guaranteed to make a long lasting impression.

Based in Edinburgh, Scott is an expert in web design and SEO. He is a fitness enthusiast and likes to play outdoor games. he has 10+ years of experience in his field.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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