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Clever Ways to Use Video in E-Commerce Marketing

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The importance of e-commerce marketing and being visible on online platforms and social media has reached an all-time high. Having an online store makes your brand more approachable and provides your customers with the satisfaction of making orders from the comfort of their homes. But you need to develop strategies to guide them to your site, as an online market truly is a busy and ever-growing space. It’s all about increasing your digital marketing visibility, and improving the content as the trends change has become crucial. As the videos are the latest trend, in this article we’ll deal with several methods you can use and their benefits.

Keeping up to date with stories!

Getting someone’s attention is easiest if they don’t have to commit, and for this reason, short videos give the best “instant” results. 2020. is no doubt a year of stories on social networks, most popular being Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Updating your profile and attracting an audience means publishing stories on a regular basis. The video in question is short and there is no sound, so you can get really creative!

YouTube ads

The ever-rising popularity of YouTube provides you with an opportunity to use their fame! Having in mind the site is the second most searched engine, you should consider reserving some space for your video ads. Be aware most people will skip the advertisement as soon as possible, so limit your videos to 15 to 30 seconds for this occasion. Keep the video short and interesting and help your potential customers find your website!

Ads in free games

Conduct research on the target group for your products, and invest in paying for advertisement time in games that are free to download. People are expecting to find ads there, for example, they’ll have to watch a 30-second video between levels. It is highly recommendable investing in this area, and you should customize the videos and chosen products due to the nature of the game.

Animated gifs in your email

This can become your signature move and is utterly up to date! By creating animated gifs you are telling a story in a simple gesture or movement. There is no need to press play in this case, as the gifs will always open automatically. You can put it in the signature of your email and use it on social networks. Providing this type of visual stimuli will show your audience you are following the latest trends in virtual reality!


eCommerce Marketing2Marketing a product on your website creates another type of request for the video in question. Just make sure you’re constantly keeping track of the site analytics! When you’ve attracted the audience, there are numerous ways to gain their trust and make them your customers. Close-up videos are an amazing way to help people fully grasp the idea of the desired product. The main drawback of online shopping is that people can’t feel the product. A close-up video will help them get a better understanding of the size and materials and gives you the freedom to focus on the detail.

The direct message

Reference and recommendation can be a great way for a previous customer to tell their satisfaction with the product. You’ll get the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone with this approach. Your satisfied clients will feel great about you wanting to share their story and probably spread the word, even more, share the video etc. On the other hand, your potential buyers will feel more confident hearing from someone who has actually used the product!

Campaign video

Designing a campaign for a certain line of products will help your brand promotion in general. This is a creative and smart way to attract the audience. Bear in mind, this step will probably require some help from the experts in the digital marketing area. It all revolves around people sharing the content in order to get a free item. The concept is extremely versatile and can be targeted to different audiences. Hiring an experienced video production company in Sydney is a piece of cake, but if not in a land down under, our advice is to think about the campaign that attracted you and check who did it. They will help you with algorithms and vision of the contest.

Tutorial video

It’s always a good idea to show people how to use a certain product. People will feel more comfortable ordering an item if they’ve seen a step-by-step guide on its use. You can show all the features and benefits in a real-life situation, encouraging you buyers!

Emotional video

Sharing an emotional story of how the product has influenced someone’s life can add to its value. These videos should be longer, but still not over three minutes! It can be a before and after the type of a concept, and you can combine this with the already mentioned direct message so you don’t have to hire actors, but rather have real people share their stories!

Entertaining video

Making someone laugh is a proven method of attracting their attention. Creating a funny video advertisement for your product will provide a boost for a potential customer’s mood. Hilarious and entertaining videos often end up going viral, and that is exactly the effect you want to achieve!


Using videos in marketing is a strategy designed to provide an interactive experience for viewers. The form enables you to demonstrate and explain better, with the help of visual aids. Compared to the text format, it is more effective and can evoke an emotional response. Many experts claim this is both the present and future of marketing, so start working on boosting your reach today! You can share your philosophy and develop a recurring message in order to position your brand on the market exactly the way you’ve imagined!

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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