Boosting Engagement Will Increase Your Growth And Brand Value

There are a few tried and tested Instagram tips that will help you to boost up engagement that will, in turn, boost up your growth. It is all about consistency and productivity. A lot can be said about consistency on social media or the publishing frequency but the primary factor to consider is to help your audience to learn more about your product.

It is also important to convey the right message and let the users know about the time to expect any new content from you. These feats are not easy to achieve, and that is why you should follow the tips of the professional experts who know all about Instagram and social media presence.

Tips to follow

To start with your Instagram marketing strategy, you must focus on your content. The following tips will guide you through the entire process.

  • Find out user-generated content – Typically, Instagram users will provide you with a wealth of potential contents for your specific business. If you curate these contents of your followers and use it appropriately for your business, it will help you to build an engaged and vibrant community. These user-generated contents will also incentivize your audience by a great extent to share their creative ways of interacting with your product, services or your company on the whole.
  • Include some faces – Make sure that you include a few faces in your posts as a human touch will automatically boost engagement. According to studies conducted on millions of random Instagram pictures it is found that pictures with faces typically get 38% more likes and 32% more comments. Faces will also help you to showcase the people behind your company adding that humane feeling to your posts.
  • Share your post – You must try to share your posts on Instagram with Facebook to get more engagement and more traffic. Once again studies revealed that posts of brand pages that are shared with Facebook via Instagram receive more engagement than any other images published natively.
  • Experiment with ads – Experimentation has always been the best way to know the end result. You must experiment with Instagram ads because there are so many brands, diverse and alike, joining Instagram. This makes the feed more competitive as well as making it harder for you to stand out. If you use Instagram ads, you will be able to reach out to the specific groups of Instagram users you want. It will be easier for you to establish a connection with them and engage them giving you a higher possibility to convert them into your customers.

Using Instagram analytics

If you want to find out the level of engagement of your followers and want to boost it, then you must use the best analytical tools provided by Instagram. However, measuring the results with Instagram analytics may require the expertise of VVSlikes and others.

  • Instagram analytics will enable you to know how effective your marketing strategy is and pay close attention to the growth and engagement level of your targeted audience.
  • This analytics will also help you to see the number of likes and comments received on your posts. This will, in turn, give you enough clues to find out what is working best for your company and what should be removed for more engagement.
  • You will have with you a wide range of useful metrics and insights. These will help you to measure the performance as well as understand your audience in a better way. Most importantly, it will help you to improve the results of your marketing strategy.
  • Add to that, Instagram analytics will also enable you to check all your key metrics for different networks including Facebook and Twitter. This will help you to sort out every post and group it under various categories such as the most popular ones or the ones that received most likes and comments.
  • The feature will help you to select any custom timeframe, or you can also go ahead with the presets such as 7, 30, or 90 days. This will help you to keep an eye on the changing trends over a short time and know what is performing at its best.
  • Instagram analytics will also help you to know about the perfect sharing frequency. It has a very useful ‘Posts Per Day plus Likes’ feature that will enable you to see how the number of posts in each day is affecting your engagement.

In short, Instagram analytics will help you to track your post performance and monitor the Instagram trends. Along with that, it will also help you to track comments, hashtag usage, and also help in report across multiple profiles. It will help you to judge the effect of the content, the schedule, and the frequency of posting on Instagram that will, in turn, affect the useful Instagram metrics.

Direct scheduling feature

The number of likes and followers are the most important metrics that will help you to measure engagement. With the use of the Instagram direct scheduling feature, you can now schedule the single-image posts on a desktop or a mobile at your preferred times.

Apart from that, you can plan a landscape or your video that you want in your post and even portrait images in advance. You merely have to upload them to your queue, and you will get a notification on your phone at your preferred time.

A pre-written caption will be pasted when it is posted automatically which you can even customize and publish.

Notice the trends

The best way to boost audience engagement is to notice the patterns as you progress with your marketing strategy on Instagram. It is only then you will know what types of contents to post that will help you to reach your marketing goals. It is never easy to create a build a loyal and engaged following on any channel, but if you follow the right approach and experiment enough, you will quickly find an excellent fit for your brand and at the same time increase audience engagement.

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