Best Gaming Tips on Your Computer for Newbie to Stay Safe

Most of the game enthusiasts feel that when they started playing a few online games their computers or laptops became extremely slow. Also, they think that after they started playing online games the performance of the gadgets became quite compromised. But in spite of this, playing games is like an addiction. You would just love to do that. In fact, it is good pastime and helps in keeping stress at bay. But it is vital that when you play games you consider the safety of your gadgets as well. This holds true especially for newbie. Make sure that you follow a few tips so that you don’t have to repent at the later stages.


Optimize your PC


This is one very important thing that every game lover should follow. You should optimize the PC with some of the basic things like running disk defragmenter at least once a month. Removing temporary internet files, cookies, recycle bin items etc on the regular basis is also important. Keeping the drivers and OS updated is also an important thing to do. You can play the top 10 list of games. But you should run antivirus program once in a while. After you are done with games and other work, just make sure that you shut down the PC properly. These are some of the things you need to be careful about.


Some other things to consider


There are some more things that you need to consider while buying a game online or while directly playing the game from the website. These things include the top 10 list of ideas or considerations.


Before playing the game know about the system requirements for the game.

See that the game needs one player or multiple players.

Find out if the game is ok with dial up connection or there is a need of broadband connection.

Never purchase a game without a demonstration.

Read reviews about the games online before you buy anything.

Play games only when you are free. Never kill your productive time.

Find out if the game needs joy stick or mouse will be ok.

Find out if your PC is compatible enough.

Check the ratings for the game.

If you have any doubts call up the computer expert and ask about your queries.


If you follow these rules and regulations, you will never repent. In fact, after considering these things gaming will become an amazing experience. You should never take a hasty decision. Just be calm and prudent. Ask your friends on social networking sites about the game. Only if things are fine and you get positive reviews you should use your pennies in that direction. For free games these things are not much important. But still, getting a first hand review always helps. In the current genre people love candy crush saga and this game seems to be addictive in nature. You can try playing that. Of course, online help always helps a lot.

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