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10 Effective WordPress Plugins to Increase Your Conversions

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No doubt, WordPress is the most famous and easy to use CMS and website builder with plenty of plugins and relevant tools introducing rapidly which makes it more flexible and up-to date service for professionals. Mostly, Web Specialists and Digital Marketers tend to utilize various WordPress plugins to drive their online business and work dealings to the next level, its mostly recommended to have a complete website and excellent content which is beneficial and informative to drive more traffic on your path.

The main transition is to convert the targeted visitors into valuable clients or customers. Moreover, it all depends on your conversion frequency, if your conversion frequency is lower then what is expected by the consumer, despite of offering high-quality content and attaining utmost traffic to your blogging website. Likewise, the solution is to implement accurate WordPress Plugins to resolve relevant issues. Therefore, in this article we have discussed 10 WordPress Plugins used to improve your conversion frequency over 35% and to help in persuading your visitors to purchase your products and services.


1. Bloom

The finest way to enhance your conversion frequency is to attain the greater number of people in you mailing list. With Bloom, it’s possible you can do it faster and easier, as it allows you to make opt-in forms for you blog or website which seems to be appealing and attractive. Precisely, bloom comprises over 100+ templates of various categories, allowing you to choose anyone, along with 6 different styles of forms, and you are not interested to enable popups, you may also design flyers or widgets for your web pages.

2. Yoast SEO

Mostly, one of the reasons why digital marketers usually face challenges pertaining to poor conversion frequency, depends upon the lack of marketing strategies of SEO. Obviously, SEO is the core element to draw people’s attention and converts them into consumers, even if indirectly does it.

However, to overcome this procedure and to ensure that your Content meets the SEO Requirements, it’s essential to install Yoast SEO plugin, this famous plugin is used worldwide by SEO Specialists & Content Writers, as it helps you in optimizing your keywords along with content, meta titles, headings, descriptions and tags etc.

Yoast SEO is freely available, but if you intend to experience enhanced features then you’ll be required to purchase premium version. Hence, leading website design services suggest Yoast SEO to their clients through which they can easily optimize their blog posts to obtain higher search results and relevant target audiences on your blog or website.


3. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is an essential plugin for enhancing conversions of WordPress, although it is a great tool for learners and new WordPress developers.

The working procedure initiates by allowing you to assists visitors on your website or blog along with opt-in form for engaging an email subscription list or involving yourself to a particular target audiences campaign.

The recent stats depicted that over 7000,000+ websites use OptinMonster plugin, which is solely a massive success within a short span of time. The features of OptinMonster are listed below:

– User-Friendly Form Building Tool

– Easier Implementation with diversified marketing tools

– Advanced Approachability towards Page Level Target Audiences

– Personalized User Interaction

– Easier Statistical Testing Stage

– Flexible Data Analytics Conversion


4. Convert

Convert is a powerful tool to fix conversion frequency and associated problems on your blog. Albeit, it allows you to perform analysis on themes, headings and published posts on your blog.

Furthermore, this plugin comprises of an editor for writing and modification of prescribed contents based on real time environment. If you are computer science graduate or software developer, then you’ll also be able to analyze the concepts of the editor, and transform them into software program to create your own editor plugin. Likewise, Technical Information such as Page Type, ID, Name, Category Name, and Tags is automatically updated on your personal account on Convert enabling you to apply any type of sorting filters and configurations techniques.


5. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a page building plugin that assists you to figure out various templates of landing pages. This plugin tool is equipped with a graphical drag and drop editor that helps you to perform alternations of your own selection.

Initially when you install this plugin, we emphasize that you should take step from the beginning. Choose your selected templates for free, and enjoy flexibility you may rarely find out in other plugins available in the market.


6. LeadPages

LeadPages is a simple landing page builder plugin that allows you to create any type of page you want to choose and publishes it within 5 minutes of time duration. Additionally, the plugin also consists of popups and it has capable of measuring information from smartphone users using SMS alerts.


7. Optimizely

This plugin enables you to make enhancements on your websites by testing headings and other chunks present on the website. Optimizely allows you to create & execute events without begin logged in to the official website.

Further Information: “23 Conversion-Boosting WordPress Plugins


8. eShop


eShop is a user friendly, flexible and easy to use shopping cart plugin for WordPress, the plugin allows user to create pages of products via WordPress Posts & Customized Pages. Several Features are implemented in eShop such as buying and selling of downloaded content, sales tax, opportunities for obtaining discounts, customer account opening forms, data of sales unit, multiple product items, stock and inventory control and other improved features are integrated in this plugin.


9. Hello Bar

Hello Bar helps you to generate sales, improve the subscriber’s numbers and increase your social media status and gain enhanced traffic towards targeted landing pages. The key features of this plugins are:

– Allows users to create notification bars, sliders, pop up designs, and full-page pop up layouts

– Hello Bar comprises of extended capabilities for customization complete controls for over-styling

– Enables you to choose among several diversified conversion templates

10. SendinBlue


SendinBlue is an email marketing plugin intended for managing contacts and entitles segments to enhance campaign performance, also SendinBlue’s SMTP is used for transmission of data and maintainance of records for engaging transaction emails.

The plugin demonstrates a dashboard depicting the real-time performance parameters such as open rate, click rate and performance bonuses. The key features of this plugin are:

– Transactional emails with real-time statistical measures

– Rapid modification for customer-centric emails

– Custom KPIs elaborates the stats which you are required to presume as a caretaker

– Create custom communications that will have certain relevancy to the target audience emphasizing on marketing competencies

About Author

This post is written by Tyler Carter who is working as a senior digital marketer at @WebbyGiants, a popular web design services in the United States. He has overall 7 years of experience in the field of SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM and Web Marketing. His expertise includes Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization


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