Age of Your Domain and how it helps

The age of your domain actually influences the ranking in search engines as well as your SEO efforts.

Everyone that builds websites knows that optimization is very important if you want to rank your site in the results of search engines pages. This will help drive traffic to your website, which in turn will lead to more customers.

The problem is that back a few years a few webmasters used illegal and black hat SEO techniques in order to rank higher on result pages. These spammy websites did not last very long after search engines began to change their algorithms. Since spammy websites are often put up quickly and stuffed with keywords to take them to the top of search results, search engines are now looking at the age of the domain before providing a high rank.

Age of Your Domain and how it helps

Age of Your Domain and how it helps

All businesses understand that you must build trust with your customers whether you have an online or offline business. The older more established businesses are often regarded as quality businesses as they have been around for years, the same goes with search engines and domains. If you have an older domain, you will more credible than a domain that was just purchase a few months previously.

The way in which search engines measure a website is by the amount of time the website has had content on the site, how long it has been since the content was updated, how long the website has been promoted, and the age of the domain.

Search engines measure domain names by the actual date the domain name was registered and how long the name was registered for such as 1 year or 5 years.

All webmasters know about the “sandbox”; however, if you have an older domain name that you have let sit for a while and then begin to build, it will more than likely not even be placed in the sandbox at all. This will quickly help your website be a success in a much faster amount of time.

It is a good idea to register your domain for several years instead of one or two, which shows you, are passionate about the domain name. If you are considering buying a domain name, you can always look at domain names that are for sale and were registered years ago, giving it more influence than one you purchase today.

If you are considering more than one domain name, it is a good idea to purchase all of them at once. You do not have to build each website at this time, but you will be providing all the domains with more credibility as long as you keep them, so at a later date you can build another website using fresh content and rank quickly. The older the domain, the more influence, respect, and credibility the search engines will give it when they are ready to rank your website.


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