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Advanced SEO Tips - The Ultimate Guide to Google Friendly Website

Advanced SEO Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Google Friendly Website

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(Most profitable SEO techniques to double your search traffic and increase your brand awareness)

Advanced SEO Tips

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a practice to optimize your website, rank in Google searches, and get organic traffic. There are multiple techniques for site ranking, but not everyone can properly utilize them until they understand it fully.

Some common practices of SEO are keyword researching, backlinks building, SEO friendly title tag, site loading speed and on-site optimization, etc. Besides that, some advanced SEO techniques are followed, such as image optimization, Meta description, and advanced keyword research as well. By following these, you can compete for the online market wonderfully.

In this article, we will provide you with advanced SEO tips, so you can make sure that your site is following the best SEO techniques or not. You can find web design agency Dubai to get these smart services at reasonable rates as well.

1. Add Main Keywords in Content

You can use your target keyword in your content but should know your keyword location also makes a difference.

Google prefers the site in the ranking, which contains the main keyword specifically in its top of the webpage content. Such as, you’re optimizing your site on “Laptop SEO”. You must mention it in the first 25 words of your content.


2. Title, Description and other content must be unique

Avoid copying other content, it doesn’t work in SEO. Google doesn’t prefer the sites which contain duplicate or some copy content. Apply this rule to all the content contained on your website, such as

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Images alt text
  • Product Pages Content
  • Landing Page Content, and
  • Category page content

Whatever you publish, it must be 100% original and unique. Whether you are a blogger, eCommerce site writer, or any other writer, try to make your content worthy.

3. Title Tag Optimization

A title tag is the key of On-page SEO. So, you need to pick high-quality titles which perfectly fit on your site. Let’s look at how you can get the advantage of the title tag.

Front Load Keyword: It means to fit the target/main keyword in your content title. It is important because the content which contains it gets more attention in searches. Although, Google also emphasizes other phrases or words which support your title tag. So, you can also start your title with the main keyword.

Sometimes, the title doesn’t make sense by using the tag in the start and also not SEO supportive. In such a case, you can just include the main tag in starting content as early as possible. It’s not enough, but it works in Google terms as it meets SEO strategy.

One Keyword per Title: Brunch of keywords is not supportive of Google. Use keywords once in your page title and use other words to highlight your purpose. Besides that, use high-quality content so your page will automatically be ranked in Google searches.

Compelling and Shareable Title: Your title must be attractive that enables the user to click on it. When a high number of people will click on a title and land on your page, it will rank your page. When you will get the audience, some of them will share your content as well.

4. Website Loading Speed Optimization

You may not find ranking factors in the Google algorithm, instead of only any specific ranking way.

One of the major factors that cause site ranking is the website loading speed. That’s why it is highly recommended that your site must be speed optimized, especially in mobile phones.

To get desired speed set the benchmark, then analyze where you’re lying.

PageSpeed Insight is the most useful tool to check your site speed and also provide a report including ways to improve site speed.

Dig Deeper is another speed checker tool, which provides accurate and reliable results. It also provides improvement ways.

Other ways of improving site loading speed.

  • Images put a heavy impact on the website, which creates a problem in page loading. Try to use less or average size images.
  • Instead of heavy themes, use lightweight, which helps in speed optimization.
  • Use CDN and Lazy loading images which boost your site speed.

5. Google Search Console Setup

To let you know how your site is working in search engine results pages, Google search console setup is built. It’s like a dashboard, which contains multiple tools and features.

You can check your site performance, exact keywords people use, and coverage reports as well. You can also get details about any of your trouble creator pages.

Google also provides you with the reason for not indexing any of your pages.

6. Image Optimization

To optimize the image for St George SEO, you need to do two main things. First, set your image file name descriptive, which Google could understand. Second, use alt text for every image, as it’s worthy. It contains information about the image.

7. Usage of Internal Links

It is another useful SEO practice in which you need to add a link of your one page on another page of your website.

Here are some profitable things to consider while creating internal links.

  • Anchor text shows about your page. Use such Anchor text, which is rich in keywords.
  • Send high authority to low authority pages which boost your site ranking in Google.


Eventually, it concluded that all these important tips play an important role in your website ranking not only in Google searches but on other search engines as well. A slight focus on these tips will not only help in the ranking site but will also give you an organic audience.

Users who remain updated with the trend always get successful. You might not perfectly utilize these tips, so don’t worry. You can take help of web development dubai, to get the advantage of such advanced SEO tools in the long run.

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