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How to activate coming soon or maintenance page on WordPress

If you have been interested in how to make a website, or more specifically, how to build one with WordPress, you would have found by now that t can be a really good experience. WordPress makes site ad blog management easy and fun for the builder as well as the people who will finally visit the site or blog.

However, during the building process, there are a lot of things which are coming together before the site is deemed ready for views and at this point, it would not be appropriate for viewers to have access to the content – This is where the coming soon page comes in.

WordPress offers you a chance to hide your content for a while using ‘Coming Soon’ or maintenance pages and this is great because it brings some professionalism to the work you are doing. Visiting a site which isn’t ready tells the client that you are a bit sloppy.


There are a couple of ways this can be done and in the n4ext few lines, we will get through them. After reading through, you will have no issues installing a coming soon or maintenance page on your WordPress site or blog.


If you host with companies such as bluehost, then you don’t have to worry about a separate installation for a coming soon place. WordPress installations on hosts such as bluehost are gotten from the mobo marketplace and these come by default with a nice looking coming soon page. How this works is that when you finish building your site, you can then click the launch button at the top of the screen. The thing with this method is that there is no way to customize you coming soon page and once you click on Launch, you cannot get that coming soon page back.


For those who do not use bluehost or install WordPress from the mobo marketplace, you may want to look in a different direction for your coming soon and maintenance page. Plugins are effective to this end as they offer customization options for the page you want to activate. These plugins are available at WordPress.org and they are free. OF course most of them also have paid versions but the free ones in most case are capable of doing what you want

Ultimate Coming Soon page

Developer – John Turner

This plugin is easy to install and you would be having your coming soon page in minutes. Customization features include logo, background colours and images, Google fonts and more. This works with pretty much any WordPress theme and you can use feedburner to collect emails while your site is being worked on.

Coming soon and Maintenance mode

Developer – SeedProd

This is one of the most downloaded coming soon plugins in the WordPress repository. It requires practically no set-up time and its customization options are easy to follow. This plugin has its coming soon and a maintenance mode as separate options and this is the cool part, when in maintenance mode, your site is till visible to search engines so you do not lose your traffic.

Coming Soon CC

Developer – Chop-chop.org

coming soon or maintenance page

What has been done with this plugin is amazing and though they are not the only ones doing it, theirs caught on really fast. When a viewer visits your site while it is in coming soon or maintenance mode, this plugin allows you to get their emails so that they would get a mail when the site has been launched. That is amazing and it impresses upon your potential clients that you are serious about what you are doing.

Fancy coming soon and Maintenance mode

Developer – Fancy Themes

Get comfy and build your site while this plugin collects your visitor emails and you can notify them when your site is ready. This plugin lets you customize your coming soon page right from you WordPress live customizer. This makes it convenient and hassle free.

Easy Coming Soon

Developers – Ankit Agarwal, Priyanhhu Mittal

This lets you create and launch a coming son page in minutes. Its design is classic and you can of course see your site only when you are logged in. It works with any WordPress theme and is a good addition to a site which is on its way to being launched or currently upgrading and maintaining some parts of it.


coming soon or maintenance page

If you didn’t know, BeTheme is the biggest WordPress theme ever built and just by downloading it, you have access to over 200 wonderfully made website themes you wouldn’t even believe – BeTheme is not free but it is worth every cent you pay for it. Where else would you get 200+ masterpiece themes in one installation? Oh well. BeTheme comes with its own coming son template which you can easy activate on any page you want – no plugins necessary


  • You are building your site online and you do not want users to see the site before it is complete.
  • You are editing large volume of content on the site.
  • There is an upgrade which would take a few hours to complete.
  • Your site has been hacked and you are doing ‘damage control’.
  • You want to test your market value


I sure do hope we kept our promise and that you know all there is to know about coming soon and maintenance pages.  The tools mentioned above are easy to get and most of them cost no money at all. So instead of letting your viewers see incomplete and haphazard pages, activate one of these and get building.

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