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9 Tips For Hiring A Software Developer At A Startup

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It could be one hell of a task for a Startup to hire a skilled developer in their budget. Not every other developer is very eager to work with a newly established business due to high workload.

Well, startups demands and needs extreme hard work from its developers. They have to take care of both backend and frontend development and other works as well. However, a lot of their workload can be reduced by using WordPress virtual assistant.

So if you are a new startup eagerly looking for a developer, but still unable to find one then you are on the right page as we are going to share the best 9 Tips For Hiring A Software Developer that a Startup needs.

Look Someone Smarter

Like the famous entrepreneur, businessman and the founder of the Alibaba incorporation, jack maa said: “Always surround yourself with people who are smarter than you”. So when you are recruiting a software developer, make sure that not only, are they skilled and talented, they must be the best in your company. Keep in mind that talent attracts more talent. So, if you set your standards high, at the very beginning of your growth years, then you won’t have any problem in recruiting talented employees in the near future.

Improve Work Environment

A study shows that the environment in which people are working has a high impact on them. A healthy working environment can drastically improve productivity, reduce turnover, frustration and most importantly increase efficiency. Moreover, it has been found that most of the exceptional and bright-minded developers prefer a better quality working environment over a little extra pay. So it has become standards practice and an easy way for startups to make their employees more productive, love their work and attract more talented software developers to their company.

Testing The Developers Real-World Skills

Reading a lot of books does not make a person a good developer. So it is necessary that you test your developers based on your company product requirement and modern industry standards. It is necessary for you as a startup, because you neither have the time nor the luxury and resources to teach these developers to apply their knowledge in the real world. So it is very important to test your developer’s real-world skills.

Apart from custom development skills a lot of other skills are expected from a developer in a start-up such as communication skills, interactivity and also some documentation and content work. It’s fair for you to expect such things from your developer as not a lot of people are involved in a startup, so the workload is too high. Although, most of your web development workload can be reduced by simply using a WordPress virtual assistant. This will really be helpful for you while working on your company’s website. So make sure that your developer is not just some introvert unable to handle situations and problems on their own.


Starting something new is not as easy as you might think, especially when you look from the development point of view. A single development tool, language or a framework is not enough to develop an entire base for a company. So, your developer must be flexible with the tools and technology he/she uses. Make sure that they are not fixated with a single language, framework or script. This can cause major problems in the near future, for you and your company.

It’s not necessary that your chosen developers are already experts with different technology, however, they must be fast and eager enough to learn and apply new tech and tools, in case of needs.

Interview Panel

Like we said before interviewing and testing your developer candidate is a must. And if you are still asking basic development and programming questions to your candidate, then my friend you need to change your interview process and perhaps the interview panel too. Make sure that you have at least one technical expert on your panel, who can test the candidate’s technical knowledge. Apart from this, you can also divide the interview process of your candidates with different people specialized in specific fields and later ask for reviews. This will not only reduce your work but also allow you to better analyze your candidate. Alos your candidate will be judged based on different parameters by different professionals and specialists, reducing the chance of hiring some unprofessional, unqualified or imposter.

Ask For Previous Projects

Previous projects tell you about the developer’s past experience and work quality. Also, it will be really helpful for you to decide on your candidate if he/she has worked on any previous project similar to your company’s product or services.

Coding Ability

The core reason why you are hiring a developer is their programming and coding ability. So remember that there is a difference between a developer able to code and programmer and a developer who is able to code and program efficiently. It might seem a little stupid to a normal person, program efficiency is of great importance. In the long run, it can affect your website, application speed.

So go for a developer who codes while keeping in mind the complexity and efficiency of the program.

Don’t Be Obsessed With Candidates Experience

Yes, Experience is important, however, this is not a reason to reject a candidate. Who knows when you might find an exceptional newbie developer. To ensure that you don’t miss on a good talent hire the newbie developers for internship programs to know more about there skills.


Although it’s rare for a startup to receive a referral, in case you receive one, don’t let the opportunity slide like most of the startups. You should be receptive to opportunities that help you find good talent.

Alex Jone Works in a HR and Recruitment at Alliance Recruitment Agency- an IT Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Alliancerecruitmentagency/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/career_alliance

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