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Emerging Technologies 2016

7 Upcoming Technologies that would Change the World

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Emerging Technologies 2016Technology is a word which was derived from a Greek word. People in the past never knew that this word is going to be the most important and powerful word in the world. So let us take a look at upcoming technologies that would change the world.

1. Google Glass:

If you love Iron Man and his gadgets, then you will fall in love with Google glass. It basically works on augmented reality. With Google glass, you can see Google maps, text, photos. You can use GPS as well as view your social media.

Everything will be done just by tapping on the sidebar of Google glass. You would be able to see each and every update from nearby or anywhere else in the world. Google glass is right now only available to selected developers for research and improvements but will be out soon. So get ready to get adopt this great wearable technology and be your own super hero.

2. Leap Motion:

Leap motion is a new technology which has been developed for everyone, not just for research purpose. As per the name, current technology will certainly take a big leap in terms of ease of access for normal masses.

In the ages of new technology, with just a wave or any other motion, you will be able to control any GUI (Graphical user interface) like Mac, Pc, etc. It is better than a keyboard, mouse and is, even more, sensitive than your touch screen. With just your hand and finger movements, you can control your computer completely. So get ready to take a leap.

3. Wearable Technology:

Wearable technology refers to technology which is related to your day to day life and can be associated with your clothing or fashion. Wearable technology is already in use and people are easily adapting to it. It can be used for business as well as household purpose.

You can see wearable technology is becoming a part of life for people, one of the most widely used being fitness-tracking bands and smart watches. Wearable actually can be anything from your headphone to a high-tech device. So it definitely has a lot of influence on our lives and also has a bright future.

4. 3D Printing:

One of the most in trend and discussed technology is 3D printer. Any digital design provided can be forged into a solid object. Form 1 is a product which actually uses 3D print technology. If you purchase it, you directly have your own personal 3D printer which can create miracles for you.

This technology is surely going to change the world, where every individual can make any kind of their own product without and permissions. From a simple object to complex prototypes, anything is possible with 3D printer. This technology has also raised controversies as it can easily be misused to create harmful/illegal products.

5. Virtual Reality Gaming:

You will love this new technology if you are a gaming freak. As such there have been many updates in virtual gaming visually/graphically but what about the feel? Well, you don’t need to worry about it now. Oculus Rift is a 3D headset which will actually give you a feeling that you are inside the game itself.

The display is in high-resolution and you can also turn your head to take a look into the virtual world. From virtual to real, Oculus Rift has taken the first step to experience virtual gaming. So all you gaming fans, I hope you are ready.

6. Self-Driving Car:

Self-driving cars will soon be a reality. Driverless cars will save your time as the car will drive itself to the appropriate destination. This technology is currently being developed by Google. Self-driving cars will use the concept of artificial intelligence, image processing, GPS and much more.

Precision, safety, economic efficiency as well as pollution control will all be included in self driven cars. Precision is to such an extent that passenger comfort, speed control during curves and breaking is all maintained. You just need to sit in the car and enjoy the view around or continue your routine work.

7. Parallella:

Parallella will completely change the computer world. It is a mini supercomputer. The most interesting fact is that it will be economically efficient to such an extent that most of us will be able to buy it. It will be cheaper as compared to current computer rates. What more could you ask? It will be cheaper, faster and highly efficient.

Speech recognition and real-time object tracking will be done even faster and better, as such it is yet not advised for non-Linux users who require good graphical interface. So research and programming would be done easily as compared to the current scenario. This is just the beginning; we don’t know where it will lead us too.

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Shawn Clark, a Content Writer, Communications Analyst has a specialized expertise in writing articles on technical stuffs, for more than two years with interest on new trends in technology and gadgets for Fusecrunch and Wearabletechdigest. He is working as Communications Practitioner and Technocrat Expert Writer.. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and on Google+.

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