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Mobile User Experience Design

How Mobile User Experience Design Is The Key To App Success?

Mobile User Experience Design “Mobile applications are shaping new transactional and service expectations and it’s critical we improve user experiences and conversions” – Google.

Everybody wants to play with an application that works flawlessly and as smoothly as Facebook. The importance of mobile user experience design has made Android and iPhone app designers to offer the best UX/UI for users.

Industry experts believe that Android and iPhone App Designer who focuses on User Experience result in

  • A lower cost of customer acquisition
  • An increased customer retention
  • A lower support cost
  • An increased market share

In an industry where performance and quality always comes before brand devotion, fashioning a fluid user experience (UX) is a key to the success of all mobile app development projects around the world.A good User Experience is nothing but giving your customers want through your app’s content and functionality. A poor mobile experience generally does more harm than good.

There’s no doubt that a great user experience is a key to app’s success. But what is the UX all about? It is a blend of great design and understanding of users. In layman terms, a higher percentage of people, like you, would prefer to read something beautifully designed over something plain. Giving a good user experience is no more a prerogative, it is something that you, as a company, will have to provide if you want to be in the minds of the consumers. In the end of the day, all that your target audience wants is a seamless experience where they have to put in minimal efforts.

So whether you are looking to hire a company offering mobile app services or are aiming to develop one yourself, make sure that you follow the practices that makes it easier and pleasant for the users to e on your mobile app.

Best Practices for Designing a Great Mobile User Experience

The success of any type of application is contingent on many factors, however, the overall user experience (UX) tops them all. Below are crucial strategies that every Android and iPhone designer should consider to offer best UX. Implementing them in your mobile UX design will help you avoid mistakes and build an app that is loved by all. These are the practices that are used sand executed by some of the best mobile app development company worldwide.

User Interface Design

To make your mobile UX shine, focus on your app’s UI. From different size screen to the placement of buttons, User Interface can include everything. The two major platform Android and iOS keeps on releasing amazing UI designs that impact how the users use apps and phones. To keep up with the ever-shifting mobile landscape, you need to take advantage of these new features and release alluring apps in the market. For effective User Interface Design, you need to consider numerous aspects including wise use of colors in the entire app and use minimal UI design.

The Mobile Onboarding Experience

For the first impression, everyone’s gets one shot only. In mobile app industry, the foundation for attracting and retaining customers is delivering a top-notch onboarding experience. In minimal steps and lesser time, you need to show the app’s value to the users by demonstrating how they can achieve what they want from the efficiently and quickly. Progressive onboarding is one of the best ways to engage and educate your users, especially if your app has an intricate workflow, hidden functionalities, multiple sections, and/or gesture-driven interactions.

Personalization of UX

Personalization is one of the tried and proven strategies that brings an app a never-ending stream of downloads and revenue if done rightly. Personalized apps increase revenue significantly by offering personalized recommendations to the users on the basis of their past visits as recorded by the app. A great example is Starbucks. Their personalization strategy shows how personalization can help in promotion, attracting and retaining users, keep users engaged, and boost revenue like never before.


Pinching, swiping, and scrolling is new ways of interacting with mobile applications. Earlier, UI of applications was restricted to touch minimal functionality of pinching and swiping. Apps like Gmail and Uber use side swiping menus to save space and keeps the UI clear and intuitive. Apply gestures that users can easily use to quickly access the features of your app.

When designing a UX for your mobile app, focus on the aforementioned aspects to create more intuitive and user-friendly mobile experience. Additionally, to improve user experience and to keeps your users happy and engaged, you need to fix some of the common usability problems, including:

  • A large percentage of users will stop engaging with your app if it takes too long to load.So, fixing loading issues and offer your users shorter Time to Value.
  • Your users don’t like to signup. So, don’t request a signup in your application until you totally require it.
  • Don’t make users wait. Use flash screens for onboarding.
  • Even if users make spellings and grammar mistake in your app’s search box, make sure to offer spelling recommendations and relevant results.
  • If you have a feature that users are not accustom to, teach them how to use the app while engaging them.
  • If your app requires to adding date, use visual calendars instead of manual dates.
  • For long forms, show a progress bar.
  • Save form content if users make any error.

The applications that stand out in the market are those apps that deliver great User Experience. Stick to best practices for your particular industry and apply those ones that your users are already accustomed to. Great UX will empower you to implement the most effective tactics and guide app user behavior – while making your app a huge success.

Additionally, don’t forget to use app UX analytics tools that educate you with how your users are using your app and which feature is being used or being ignored. These will help you in refining your application, moving your app one step further towards bestUser Experience optimization, and making you app liked by all.

Shishir DubeyShishir Dubey, founder of ChromeInfotech.com – a dynamic app development company that gets your app featured in the App Store in record time and budget!

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