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The Basics of SEO Friendly Web Design and Development

Search engines have a limited capacity to search through the enormous world of web and locate suitable content. With so many webpages with more or less similar content, the task to rank websites based on their content quality is a challenge.Web Design

Organic Links are always Better!

So how does a search engine solve its ranking issues? Simple! By Search Engine Optimization SEO. The process of SEO allows the volume and quality of traffic to head in the direction of a good website with excellent content.

SEO is the tool that search engines use to determine the quality of the content.

Generating a URL structure that is optimized for users and search engines is easy if anyone has the necessary experience.

Crafting great content that can be used to make inbound links through off-page optimization strategies. Another optimization tool is to use different types of content like images, links,texts, and videos. Forming an approachable website design that provides a great experience across devices is one of the best ways to optimize a website.

Organic traffic is the best traffic for any website, although, it could be a while before the websites rise in the search engine ranks. The idea is that more a website keeps appearing on the first page of the search list, the more chance it has to attract traffic.

Private Label Search Engine Optimization

It’s always useful to get a private label search engine optimization program that helps optimize the content of the business into the lines of useful SEO services under a chosen unique brand name. Investing in a private label SEO has the power to significantly increase the services offered to clients and provide any business with a constant revenue generation.

So what are the main benefits of joining such a program?  The private label SEO gives any business a chance to achieve a comprehensive competitive advantage over its rivals. Good isn’t it! Selling the services under the business’s brand name will bring in more business.

SEO or search engine optimization (“search engine optimization”) refers to measures aimed at placing the contents of a website in the first result pages in organic traffic. Paid traffic could get similar results but organic islong-lasting and sustainable. Some of the basics of SEO friendly web pages are:

Offer Better Encryption

In the meantime, websites with SSL encryption are a fixed standard that must be observed when it comes to search engine optimization. People also take this for granted. A site with an SSL certificate clearly states something about the site operator, namely that the website has the security issues displayed on the screen.

Since 2014, Google has confirmed HTTPS as a ranking method. Google Chrome even displays an error that says; “The connection to this website is not secure”. Now would you trust such a website? Probably not!make sure that the webmaster switches to HTTPS, sooner rather than later.

Google could penalize any SEO efforts by downgrading the website rankings and severely damage the organic visibility of a website due to the lack of security on a site.

Choose Appropriate Fonts

Essentially, the selected font should meet the two criteria; the first one is that the font must be large enough to make for easy reading. Google recommends the font size to be around 12 pixels at least. Us clear and easy to read fonts. Using overly decorative forms would not boost the website in terms of SEO.

Optimize Loading Times

Just like people, search engines are not happy or too keen on waiting for results.  Every person who logs on to the internet expects the pages to load faster. Search engines are no different! They too want a webpage that has all the information but does not require forever to load.

Search engines boost the ranking of webpages with short loading times. Reducing lead times can be achieved by creating a website in WordPress rather than flash.  Virtually every user expects a fast-loading page and will be disappointed if that expectation is not met. Why waste valuable resources for slow pages? With a slow website, thewebmaster is at a risk of losing their SEO content.

  • Shrink HTTP requests
  • Shrink file sizes

Optimize the Website for Mobile View

The importance of optimizing the SEO websites to suit mobile devices is inadmissible. Google, the search engine giant is focusing on eliminating the difference between desktop website indexes and mobile-based web indexes. Tool providers like SISTRIX are catching up and analyzing a special visibility index for mobile devices. When these changes will actually take place is not certain but webmasters must be prepared for these changes.

Make the Content Accessible

Coming up with high-quality web content is not enough instead, people should focus on finding the content that is easily accessible. Search engines like Google want websites that are easy to get.  Make sure the website layout is clean to help the search engine find the website easily.

  • Share content with search engines
  • Make every content accessible with 3-4 clicks

As predictable as that sounds, check if the site is even approved for search engines.

Use clean URLs

The important thing here is that businesses use small and engaging URLs. Clear URL’s consist of readable words or keywords instead of long ID numbers or hidden characters. The advantage of having a clear URL from the SEO point of view is to get higher click rates within the Google results.

 The results must be what the user is actually looking for and if the title has the keyword included in the search query. If that happens there is a major chance of getting higher ranking for the website.

In order to successfully run search engine optimization follow the following rules in addition to getting clear conversational URLs:

  • Keep URLs as simple and short as possible
  • Use keywords
  • Do not use special characters
  • Use the minus sign as a separator
  • Use only lower case
  • Do not use filler words

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