Wooden USB drives

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                      Wooden USB drives


Eco-friendliness is the trend of the 21st century. Some people believe it has started not as the desire to save the planet (which is the number 1 official position of those people sticking to the eco way of life) but as the desire to input more health into own surroundings. Healthy eating, plastic-less devices, and utensils as much as possible, only naturally made things without extra chemistry that is artificially made… But there are also other ways of being eco: buying merchandizes that were made with minimal damage to nature and/or bring as little negative health impact as possible. The first and foremost such natural and healthy thing is wood.

The wood as the material has always been with human beings: trees are far much older than humankind is. It is logical that the first thing an ape took in its hand was a wooden stick. That stick was the first push to the evolution of humans as using extra materials as weapons or helpers significantly added to the probability of survival.

Despite the fact that things aren’t so harsh in the 21st century, using eco-friendly materials is the newest trend that adds a lot to you as a person using it. First thing, it adds is distinguishing from others, which is already quite nice in our overpopulated world. And, surrounding yourself with such items, you also contribute to less production of plastic.


How wooden USB flash drive looks

                             Wooden flash drives we offer

On https://logousb.com/, we have flash drives with various capacities, from 128 Megabytes to 128 Gigabytes. The physical size of the drive does not change due to that as the entire module of the memory is enclosed within an area as small as a nail of a little finger. This circumstance makes it possible to use any shape of it, installing it in any material, especially wood.

Here are the 5 best pieces of wooden devices we have on our site:

  1. LU1404USB – a little and lightweight, as every other wooden gadget, it is especially nice to hold in a hand thanks to its perfectly rounded corners. In fact, it is given with oval shape and has no corners at all. It has a wonderful grip to the USB interface thanks to the thoroughly designed inner part of the cap, which has firm tightness. It has enough space to place any logo or inscription on both sides. The cap also can serve to place the information but it will be split into two parts with the cap off, so you should think about such solution for you exactly if this is the case.
  2. It is close to a classic and widely known shape of the USB drive. The same, it has from 128 Mb to 128 Gb in volume and can be used for placing a logo or any inscription. It is rounded on the hull’s length but it has corners from the top and bottom.
  3. It is original because it has a wider hull than the rest of wooden drives. It allows placing there not only narrow logotypes but practically all of them (statistically, round-shaped logos or ones close to this shape are most widespread in the world). It makes this USB drive applicable for 100% of cases.
  4. LU1408USB – a very thrilling form-factor. It is made as a seesaw with two ‘pillars’ standing on the solid ground and the sliding-rotating inner part, which contains the drive. When it is closed in a hull, the USB connector is securely tightened. In order to open it, you have to slide it down a little and turn it open. Such a shape allows it to not only stand still but also do it on three touching dots on a surface, which make its standing stable.
  5.    It has one of the most widespread shapes of flash drives. It consists of two parts: the drive’s hull made of wood and the rotating metal cover, a USB connector protector. At the top of the slider, it has an opening for a string or chain, to put it on the neck or elsewhere.

Wooden USB flash drive

                                How to take care of wooden flash drives

There are common ways of protecting the wooden flash drive due to the specificity of its material.

         1. Do not wet it.

Surely, wetness is something that no electronic device would thank you for. But wood, even lacquered or polished, would stand against the water only for a short time – when immersed into it, it will make the lacquer crackle. After that, the wood becomes unprotected and exposed to not only water but also to air and its enclosed humidity. With time, expect the wood to change its shape anyway, no matter how diligently you preserve it. However, under the conditions of the room temperature, several decades must pass in order to deteriorate its appearance even for a bit – before it happens, IT gadgets’ evolution will jump far, making your personal flash drive something rigidly outdated.

        2. Not-lacquered wood needs wax-based paste.

Not too often, maybe once or twice for an entire lifespan. And definitely, don’t buy the remedy on purpose only for waxing your flash drive – use a tiny droplet of it if you have it bought for taking care of your wooden furniture. It would be nice to apply it on the hull shortly after you have bought it – to make it more resisting to the action of air and humidity. But that’s pretty much it, in taking care. Nothing extra will be required if only not crackles or scratches appear and you wanna re-polish it.

       3. Do not expose it to direct sun rays.

Wood dries out because of that over time. Especially if you put it in front of the windows, which create about 140 degrees in the midday, working as a large magnifying glass.

      4. If it got dirty or stained, it can be cleaned.

Not as much well as galvanized metal or plastic but wood can also be cleaned. Imagine you have spilled an ink on it and now half the surface is blue. The best way is to paint another part in the same color to make it even. Or, if impossible, use baking soda mixed with non-gel toothpaste, gently rubbing it on the clean and dry surface until you remove the upper layer. If it got too much inside, use sandpaper of the finest (not roughest) sand and take care of not going too deep as you can scratch through the hull or make surface visibly uneven. After the procedure is done and you’re satisfied with the result, apply wax grease on it to create the protective layer once again.

       5. Do not do.

Don’t use ammonia-containing kitchen cleaners, spirits, avoid scratching particles (both in the direct contact with the hull of the flash drive when carrying it and when cleaning). Please don’t use regular furniture cleansers or oils to apply on your USB drive – they all are liquid and can bring damage to the electronics in your gadget. So if you bought a drive that has no lacquer coating on, after applying one with required care, no other remedies actually will be required.

         A little afterword

Taking care of your wooden drive is not that hard, as you can see. Most of those pieces of advice serve to make your client experience even more seamless that it might be without the extra care of the device. But even without applying any of those, just stick to the main rule: wood is not that hard as plastic, leather, or especially metal – so do not put physical loads on it nor scratch it if your goal isn’t a cracked hull.




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