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What Needs to be Done After a Laptop Theft?

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In the present scenario, laptops, android gadgets, iPhones, smartphones, happen to be an integral part of life. Not only are they woven in the intricacies of life but apps are used to remember birthdays too. Laptops are an essential part of most of our lives and needless to mention, the hassle that we undergo in the situation of losing our laptops or it being stolen is what we want to avoid. Be it burglary or ignorance, laptops get stolen almost everywhere and numerous laptops are stolen every year.

But what to do if one’s laptop is stolen? Apart from precautionary online backup guide, these few simple steps serve as a guide to deal with a laptop theft.

Essential steps to be remembered and carried out immediately:

The first and foremost step would be top fish out the model number and the serial number. What must be done without fail is to report the theft? The police officers should be informed about the theft along with the requisites, which means details of the laptop. This should also include the price, brand, colour, specifications and other details that could help in identification. The police department will then proceed to make enquiries.

Often it is suggested to visit local pawnshops. This could prove helpful in most ways.

One should inform a few friends and neighbours so that they can inform if they receive messages or texts via the laptop. If confidential company information is at risk, the relevant authority should be informed.

The next step is to change passwords of online accounts. This pertains to bank accounts, loans from the bank, safe deposit information, and online shopping accounts too. The credit and debit cards should immediately be cancelled. Facebook, email, twitter, flipkart and other social media passwords should be changed immediately. The police department should keep track of any monetary activities made via the online shopping accounts, bank accounts so as to track the laptop in case of dire consequences. Help should be sought from Law enforcement so as to procure the laptop.


In order to prevent from feeling violated, one needs to practice never keeping the laptop unattended. Losing a laptop could mean that one is left vulnerable to identity theft, and loss of valuable data. Necessary measures can be taken by keeping the adverse situations in mind. Precaution is better than facing dire consequences of a stolen laptop. Safeguarding the laptop with passwords for corporate and financial accounts is essential. Downloading anti-theft software and installing tracking software in the laptop goes a long way in online backup guide. Though it is not always feasible, one must make it a point to try and save as little personal data in the laptops as possible.Online virtual storage devices go a long way in solving problems of personal data storage. GPS installed laptops come with the added security of being compatible with GPS tracking which makes it easier to locate the stolen laptop.

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