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Web Design Trends That Will Surely Disappear In 2013

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Web Design Trends

Every New Year gives us an opportunity to shed old bad habits and make a new start. Web design trends which are being used for many years and had become popular must be now avoided in 2013 so as to rank well in search engine results and to attract the audience. In this article, there are some of the things related to web designing which must be avoided so as to achieve success in business and attract visitors. The things mentioned below will be wiped off in 2013.

1. Overcomplicated design: Some of the web designers think that every site should be creative and effective. In order to make the site creative they don’t follow web design standards and creates a design which avoids users’ comfortability level. A successful website is that website which maintains a balance between form and function. The website design must be simple so that the user can easily understand your site usability. If the users are not able to understand the site then they skip from your site and will move to another site.

2. Rotating banner on home page: There are many sites having a slider or the rotating banner on the home page of their site. They have created these banners keeping in mind that, in this way they can convey all their important messages to the users but this is considered to be wrong and ineffective. The reason behind this is that it is not user friendly. There can be two possibilities: 1) if the reader reads slowly, then he/she will not be able to read the full message , as he will think that movement of the slider is fast.2) if the reader reads quickly, then he will get bored and will think that the slider is too slow. Therefore it is better to build a static banner on home page and opt some other ways to convey your messages.

3. Pop-overs on the site: imagine that you have landed on this article and an image or my face appears on this page asking you “do you liked this article?” “Subscribe for more” and many other options, then you will obviously feel that the image is interrupting or disturbing you. It will be a great disruption, you must think that how a user can like or reply on your pop over without reading the content. It is true that you must ask these questions to them, but at the same time, you must ensure that these pop overs should appear once the visitor has gone through your article.

4. The premature call to action: There are many websites, which have been designed professionally but they are trying to make the visitors their customers too soon. Your call to actions must be relevantly placed according to the content on the page. For instance, an e-commerce site the buttons for call to actions like Shop now, Buy now and others must be placed according to the content on the page. A page which assists the users in exploring the items must have call to action button as “Shop now” and so on.

5. The never ending form or lengthy forms: The time has now been ended, to force visitors to give lot of their personal information, before the visitors get something useful from your site. It is now the time to prove yourself first, once you prove yourself you can give them the a short form to fill in their description or details. A short form filling will lead to more number of forms and hence more conversions.


Watch Out Web Design Trends in in 2013

You have to move on, according to the updations in strategies of designing and tastes and preferences of users. This will lead to an effective web design and hence help in achieving success. The old methods must be left out and new methods must be implemented. So watch out for new trends in 2013.


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