Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps for iOS and Android

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence people are cultivating their lives solely by catering the needs in each dimensions of everyday life. Today, People are much engaged in real-world apps that pertains you to dive enhancement in your everyday life via using handheld devices such as smartphone and tablet PCs powered with iOS and Android Operating Systems. In common terms, this technology is often regarded as Augmented Reality Apps.

However, AR Applications are widely used in many categories such as gaming, personal assistants and many more. Mostly these applications are developed via exclusive 3D Programs allowing programmers or developers to blend animated digital information into a source code that explains the conceptualization of augmented reality-based apps pertaining to the real-world environment.

Mostly, AR Apps developed for smartphones consists of GPS to point out the user’s location and its compass is usually used to detect orientation of device. Significantly, AR apps are used for various purposes, such as military training requires machine learning principles, image and object recognition and gesture recognition technologies to persuade their directed tasks. Hence, in this article we have discussed about the top 10 trending Augmented Reality Apps powered with iOS and Android.

1. Snapchat:

Snapchat is a popular multimedia messaging app used worldwide. It is one of the top-rated apps available on Android and iOS Platforms. Snapchat features significant Augmented Reality techniques to deliver effective performance and enhanced usability, AR features involved in Snapchat are exceptional, things such as filter and face swap have become a personal genre capturing a perfect insight. The photo sharing functionality of snapchat is tremendous, although the augmented reality concepts are quite impressive.

2. Google Translate

The most useful app that pertains the notion of augmented reality so far is Google Translate. The mesmerizing part of this app is that it can translate any text into an image from one language to another, providing you accessibility to read signs, packaging and memes into another language. The whole procedure requires some steps, you just need to open your app, capture a textual snapshot and just wait for few seconds for translation process. Furthermore, the app also comprises of enhanced pedestrian tools to assists passengers, so far, they are one of the best fools available for free on iOS and Android.

3. Mind Map AR

The first augmented reality mind mapping app released for Android and iOS platforms is presently known as Mind Map AR. The Application depicts various topics and their interconnection in 3D Environment illustrated on the top of your smartphone’s camera. Mind Map AR is primarily designed to assist user’s creative approachability to develop and devise new concepts and ideas to produce impeccable results at your workplace or study area.

The App induces a completely new approach to learn and devise innovative ideas, as users mostly access the brains inherent linkage events of working in a 3D Environment.

4. Sketch AR:

Do you want to learn how to draw sketches using augmented reality? If yes then probably this app would assist you to fulfill your desire. This app is a recent edition to the series of AR apps released for iOS and Android platform, the app uses your smartphones camera to provide you guidelines to draw realistic sketch designs. Most of the iOS app developers and Android application developers tend to develop such apps to assist people to learn creative approach towards drawing functional sketches. You’re just required to follow the guidelines on your smartphones screen and trace the guidelines as you proceed further. However, the interface might require proper placement of phone and paper, albeit it is proven that this app is one of the unique procedures to explore applications of Augmented Reality.

5. IKEA Place:

IKEA Place captures an insight of augmented reality approachability on well-known applications. You can download various 3D Models for IKEA Furniture and visually place them at your home, you can also resize and make alternative adjustments as to how your furniture would look in your bedroom or if the side table will match your laptop table. This app is available for free download on Android and iOS platforms.

6. Magic Plan:

Certainly, measurement applications are available on both iOS and Android Platform, but the whole plethora vanishes because of inadequate and disappointing sales. However, now there is a solution, Magic Plan is probably the best measurement app available on iOS and Android platforms. However, Magic Plan’s iOS version seems to be a bit challenging due to certain circumstances. It has relinquished iOS app developers to predict a way to overcome the challenges. Although, mostly users can benefit from this application, as contractors and interior designers can easily assemble their app to their professional measurement equipment’s providing access to create enhanced accuracy on floor planning.

7. AR GPS Compass Map 3D:

AR GPS Compass Map 3D is a marvelous application available on iOS and Android Platforms. With this app, you can easily guide yourself via your current location to a random point depicted on the map with this AR Compass. You can easily select your desired destination, and then the on-screen display will assist you to figure out your destination place and keeps track on your activities to ensure your accurate presence at your destination.

8. Arise:

Do you like puzzles? If yes then this game is for you. Arise is an augmented reality puzzle-based game that requires your directions on a small knight via a maze causing visual illusions. However, to pass the knight over significant gaps, you are required to move around the 3D puzzle space until all the segments are lined up considering your set of choices. Possibly, this allows the knight to cross checks onto the next gap providing gamer a pleasant and smooth way to spend some time using smartphone. This game app is available for iOS and Android Platforms.

9. iOnRoad:

It’s a useful driving safety app that directs users to easily navigate via GPS, video streaming and gyroscope features on your smartphone to track the vehicle position on the road, assisting the drivers when there is any fault in the vehicle or GPS tracker. The major advantage of this app is that drivers can easily figure out vacant parking spaces via capturing image on the parking lot. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

10. Anatomy 3D:

It’s a free app that uses the principles of augmented reality to visually allow student interaction with the human body. This app gives you an experience to study in-depth about human anatomy. It allows you to actually interact with various parts of the human body. This app is quite beneficial for the students of anatomy. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

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