The Ultimate Guide to Attractive Email Design

The Ultimate Guide to Attractive Email Design

The Ultimate Guide to Attractive Email Design

In the modern world lot of online communication has been moved to social media, but still email is the most important part of online marketing strategy. While designing email for business, you must consider about your layout.

It’s like a simple webpage only, but you need to take some important factors into consideration. Email is the push, rather than pull communication.
Peoples often gets overwhelming amount of emails from different sources. So that they tends to close the mail within few seconds, meaning that you only have few seconds to catch the audience attention to your message.  That’s why you need to have easier and smoother experience in designing effective emails.

Mobile or bust

In these days so many people are accessing email through their mobile devices, survey noted that nearly half of the emails are opened via mobile apps itself. There is no usage of creating beautiful layout without showing properly in such kind of mobile devices.
While at the time of designing email layout you should consider it for supporting of both mobile and desktop versions. Or you can create responsive email design that can fits for all type of screen sizes.
But in fact responsive designs are much more complex to code and aren’t supported by every mobile browser.

Responsive design
Responsive designs are best practices for each and email marketing; it allows user can simply resize the layout according their wish. While designing responsive layouts few points to be considered, those are
Your layout should be fairly narrow: It ranges of 500-600 pixels in standard, and this will make them more readable in both desktop and mobile devices.

Using of large fonts: always be aware of minimum sizes of various platforms and your size aren’t upscale. Example for this one is, iOS uses 13 pixels as a minimum font size.
Clickable areas needs to be tap friendly: make your clickable links are large enough so the user can easily click the links in their first try itself.

Email design best practices
Email design and web design share some of the common attributes, here the list of best practices to while designing email layout.

Content is King
Keeping your content short and direct to the point is very essential one. You just have only few seconds to engage your audience and if you can’t you will lost your valuable audience. So make your content clear and very concise one.

Clear call to action
Your email should have clear call to action and obviously has some purpose; whether it takes your readers to sign up, or buy something they want. Call to action should make clear about what your user want to do and where they want to go.

Make use of pre header text
Pre header text is nothing but the preview shown in the message box. Take serious about creating your pre header subject line and make your user to open the mail.

Different emails for different purposes
There lot of email you may sending your subscriber list for different purposes, make sure that you uses different layouts for different mailing purpose. Here few different mailing list for every business
Transactional emails
Marketing emails

Templates and frameworks
Choosing right template and frameworks is also one of the main key components for email designing. So choose the best template according to the mailing purpose and get your audience on your right track.

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